EasyList-based TPLs for Internet Explorer

EasyList implemented tracking protection lists for Internet Explorer, but since those TPLs are created by direct transformation of filters for Adblock for Firefox, they are not exactly as effective as they are in Firefox. This is why EasyList members decided against officially supporting the lists. Since the TPLs are publicly availabe though, I created this small project that discovers the TPL urls and publishes them on a page for an easy acess.

Channel9 Videos Mass Download Tool

This tool allows you to download multiple videos from Microsoft's community site Channel9 at once. While Channel9 gives you an ability to easily download its videos one by one, if you want to download many of them it might become tedious. The mass download tool allows you to download a PowerShell or wget script to your computer and run it to download selected videos. The tool supports filtering by tags and video format preferences. You can read more about how this tool was born in my blog post.