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Wix team: The most used piece of software at Microsoft (and it's open source!) scobleizer 4/29/2006
Jeff Barr - Amazon Web Services Contest Winners Web Services scobleizer 4/26/2006
Jeff Barr - Amazon Web Services Contest Winner Web Services scobleizer 4/26/2006
Jim Carroll, Dan Manrique - Two dev's story of helping Katrina victims Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 4/24/2006
Charlie Owen - Your first Media Center/Vista application (and a look at their secret room) Windows Media, Windows Vista, Windows Media Center scobleizer 4/7/2006
Richard Anderson - Interactive teaching with Tablet PCs at University of Washington TabletPC, Tablet PC scobleizer 4/5/2006
Ric Merrifield - Microsoft gets down to business with Motion initiative Dynamics scobleizer 4/3/2006
Mike Arcuri - More business intelligence in Office 2007 MS Office, Office scobleizer 3/30/2006
Developer Solutions Team - Demos of MSBee, Managed Stack Explorer, and TFS Administration Tool Visual Studio, VSTS scobleizer 3/28/2006
Satya Nadella - Running the Dynamics Team Dynamics scobleizer 3/24/2006
Mike Ehrenberg - Architecting next generation of Dynamics Dynamics scobleizer 3/24/2006
Jakob Nielsen - Directing the Dynamics/UX team Dynamics scobleizer 3/24/2006
Don McGowan - Technology law at Microsoft (and the software industry) Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 3/17/2006
Chris Muench - writing managed 3D app for mobile devices DirectX, Windows Mobile scobleizer 3/16/2006
Vijay Rajagopalan - SAP converts to Visual Studio 2005 Visual Studio scobleizer 3/15/2006
Craig Jensen - Windows Embedded for Point of Sale Windows XP scobleizer 3/10/2006
Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs TabletPC, Windows XP, Tablet PC scobleizer 3/9/2006
Manuel Clement - Sparkle CTP Released (er, Expression Interactive Designer) Expression, Expression Blend scobleizer 1/24/2006
Target Indy Race Team - Inside the technology of a race team (3 videos) SQL Server, TabletPC, Windows XP, Tablet PC, Windows Server scobleizer 1/13/2006
Target Race Team - Driving an Indy car team scobleizer 1/13/2006
In the pits with the Target race team TabletPC, Tablet PC scobleizer 1/13/2006
Robert Fripp - Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session Robert Fripp, Windows Vista, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 1/4/2006
Ryan Donovan (and team) - What is Commerce Server? Commerce Server scobleizer 12/29/2005
Cleartype Team - Typography in Windows Vista Bill Hill, ClearType, Windows Vista Charles 12/16/2005
Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to International markets Localization, Visual Studio, Windows Vista scobleizer 12/14/2005
Calvin Rowland - Tour at F5 Networks Hardware, Web Services scobleizer 12/12/2005
James Conard - Touring the Windows Workflow Foundation Team Offices WinFX, Windows Workflow scobleizer 11/23/2005
Arash Ghanaie-Sichanie and team - Microsoft CRM 3 preview CRM scobleizer 11/15/2005
Chris St.Amand and Jeff Stucky - Debugging ASP.NET, IIS, Internet Explorer scobleizer 11/15/2005
Dave Luebbert - The mentor from early days on Word for Mac team MS Office, Office, Microsoft Exeutives, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 11/11/2005
Carolyn Napier and Tyler Robinson (MSI team) - Installing apps in Windows Vista Windows Vista, MSI scobleizer 11/9/2005
Robert Rebholz (and team) - The Working Network RSS scobleizer 11/9/2005
Soma - Conversation with Visual Studio's vice president Visual Studio, VB.NET, Microsoft Exeutives scobleizer 11/7/2005
Jay Schmelzer - Working on the VB Core Team Visual Studio, CLR, VB.NET scobleizer 11/1/2005
Mat Noguchi - Developer on Halo team gives tour of Bungie Xbox Halo scobleizer 10/27/2005
Mark Boulter and Brian Pepin - Sneak peak at Cider (visual designer for Orcas, future version of Vis Windows XP, Visual Studio, Windows Forms, Windows Vista, WinFX, WPF scobleizer 10/24/2005
Andy Edmonds and Erik Selberg - Frank talk about MSN Search Search scobleizer 10/21/2005
Sean Alexander (and others) - Windows Vista Sidebar and Gadgets Windows XP, Architecture, Windows Mobile, Windows Vista, WinFX, WPF, Internet Explorer scobleizer 10/20/2005
Sonal Pardeshi - Using VSTS's Source Code Management Software, Visual Studio, C++, VB.NET, VSTS, Software Testing scobleizer 10/19/2005
Eric Richards and Team - First look at InfoPath 12 InfoPath, MS Office, Office scobleizer 10/18/2005
Jeffrey Snover - More talking about Monad PowerShell, Windows XP, Windows Server, Windows Vista, Monad, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 10/18/2005
Paul Yuknewicz - Working with VB Community Visual Studio, VB.NET scobleizer 10/18/2005
Jeff Henshaw and David Alles - Xbox 360 and Media Center: Living room of the future Windows Media, Windows Vista, Xbox, Windows Media Center scobleizer 10/15/2005
David Treadwell - Chatting with one of DevDiv's Vice Presidents Visual Studio, CLR, Microsoft Exeutives, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 10/15/2005
Eddie Churchill - Biztalk's sexy new XSLT Mapper Biztalk, MS Research, Microsoft Research scobleizer 10/15/2005
Sam Gentile and Ward Cunningham - Recounting early days of Wiki Wikis, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 10/14/2005
Kyle Groves and Dave Goulet: eLearning app demonstrates WPF goodness PDC 2005, Windows Mobile, WinFX, WPF scobleizer 10/14/2005
Lisa Feigenbaum - Code Snippets in Visual Studio Visual Studio, VB.NET scobleizer 10/14/2005
Mike Murray - What the guy who wrote shrimp and weenies memo is doing now Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 10/11/2005
Meet the new Mobile PC Team (new Tablet PC features too!) Hardware, PDC 2005, TabletPC, Tablet PC, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 10/7/2005
Windows Sideshow Team - Auxiliary Displays (new laptop feature coming next year) Hardware, PDC 2005, TabletPC, Tablet PC, Windows Mobile, Windows Vista scobleizer 10/7/2005
PDC Dev Team -- Plasma Screen Application at PDC PDC 2005, Channel 9 Team, RSS, WPF scobleizer 10/7/2005
Gordon Bell - Tour of the Computer History Museum, Part II Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 10/4/2005
Gordon Bell - Tour of the Computer History Museum, Part I Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 10/3/2005
The new Outlook Express: Windows Mail demoed PDC 2005, Windows Mail, Windows Vista scobleizer 9/16/2005
Tomas Palmer and Tolga Acar - Crypto in Windows Vista Windows Vista, Crypto scobleizer 9/16/2005
Raymond Chen - PDC 05 Talk: Five Things Every Win32 Programmer Needs to Know PDC 2005, Windows Vista, C++, Microsoft Personalities Charles 9/16/2005
Paul Vick and Erik Meijer - Dynamic Programming in Visual Basic PDC 2005, Visual Studio, VB.NET scobleizer 9/16/2005
Paul Vick and Amanda Silver - VB Language Futures PDC 2005, Visual Studio, VB.NET scobleizer 9/16/2005
Rob Franco and team - IE 7 Security PDC 2005, Security, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Internet Explorer scobleizer 9/15/2005
Abolade Gbadegesin and team - Networking in Windows Vista Networking, PDC 2005, Windows Vista scobleizer 9/15/2005
Steve Ball - Learning about Audio in Windows Vista PDC 2005, Windows Media, Windows Vista, Windows Media Center, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/15/2005
Jeff Meng, Paul Sliwowicz, Gerald Maffeo - IO Cancellation PDC 2005, Windows Vista scobleizer 9/15/2005
Shawn Van Ness - Inking with WPF PDC 2005, TabletPC, Tablet PC, WinFX, WPF scobleizer 9/15/2005
North Face Demo at the PDC PDC 2005, WinFX, WPF scobleizer 9/15/2005
Manuel Clement and others - Introducing Sparkle Expression, PDC 2005, Visual Studio, VB.NET, WinFX, WPF, Expression Blend, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/14/2005
PJ Hough and others - First look at next version of Sharepoint MS Office, PDC 2005, SharePoint, Office scobleizer 9/14/2005
Eddie Churchill - First look at Solution Designer Biztalk, PDC 2005, Visual Studio, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/14/2005
Scott Woodgate and team - Announcing Windows Workflow Foundation PDC 2005, Windows Vista, Windows Workflow scobleizer 9/14/2005
Rob Lefferts - Sharepoint Services and Workflow MS Office, PDC 2005, SharePoint, Office scobleizer 9/14/2005
Julie Larson-Green - Diving into the new Office 12 MS Office, PDC 2005, Office, Microsoft Exeutives, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/13/2005
Shell Team - Exploring and Using Windows Vista PDC 2005, Windows Vista scobleizer 9/13/2005
Chris Jones - 10 things devs need to know to build a great Windows Vista application PDC 2005, Security, Architecture, Windows Vista, WinFX, WPF, Microsoft Exeutives, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/13/2005
Kam Vedbrat - Looking at Windows Vista's user interface (AERO) PDC 2005, Windows Media, Windows Vista, WinFX, Windows Media Center, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/13/2005
Adam Nathan - Light up an app with WPF (formerly Avalon) PDC 2005, Windows Media, Windows Vista, WinFX, WPF, Windows Media Center scobleizer 9/13/2005
Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ PDC 2005, SQL Server, Visual Studio, CLR, LINQ, VB.NET, WinFX, WPF, Microsoft Exeutives, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/13/2005
Dr. Neil Roodyn - Fooling around in Scoble's office TabletPC, Tablet PC, Virtual Earth scobleizer 9/12/2005
Alain Lissoir - Managing Windows with WMI WMI scobleizer 9/12/2005
Anil Dhawan - Partying with Bluetooth Bluetooth, Windows Media, Windows Mobile, Windows Media Center scobleizer 9/12/2005
Mark Law - Virtual Earth Hacks Virtual Earth scobleizer 9/10/2005
Mike Downen - .NET CLR Security Team tour Security, Visual Studio, C++, CLR, VB.NET scobleizer 9/10/2005
Harry Pierson - Software Factories Architecture, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/10/2005
Doug Neumann - Source Code control guy on VSTS team Visual Studio, VSTS scobleizer 9/10/2005
Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect Bill Gates, MS Office, TabletPC, Tablet PC, Web Services, Windows Vista, Office, WCF, WinFX, WPF, Microsoft Exeutives, Microsoft Personalities Charles 9/8/2005
Marc McDonald - Microsoft's First Employee Windows Vista, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/8/2005
Tour of the Cambridge Research Lab Hardware, MS Research, Microsoft Exeutives, Microsoft Research, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/8/2005
Ian Dixon (and others) - Microsoft Home in London, UK Windows Media, Channel 9 Team, TabletPC, Tablet PC, Windows Media Center, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/7/2005
Austin Donnelly - Touring around Cambridge England MS Research, Channel 9 Team, Microsoft Research, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/7/2005
Scott Guthrie - BetaDays Demo of ASP.NET 2005 ASP.NET, Microsoft Exeutives, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/7/2005
Jason Shellen - Scoble visits Google? Blogger for Microsoft Word scobleizer 9/7/2005
Bill Staples - An hour discovering IIS 7 IIS scobleizer 9/4/2005
Brent Hill and Roger Grimes - Chatting about IIS 7's security Windows Server, IIS, Security, Windows XP scobleizer 9/4/2005
Sanjay Parthasarathy and Ben Riga - Healthcare demo of Windows Presentation Foundation (AKA Avalon) Windows Vista, WinFX, WPF scobleizer 9/4/2005
Steven Woodward - PDC Handson Labs PDC 2005 scobleizer 9/4/2005
Mike Burrows - PIX, graphics performance analysis Xbox, DirectX, Software, Software Testing scobleizer 9/4/2005
Jeffrey Richter - Working with Microsoft technologies CLR, VB.NET scobleizer 9/4/2005
Iain McDonald - Talking about release candidate of Windows Server 2003 R2 (and other stuff) Windows Server, Windows Vista, IIS, Microsoft Exeutives, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 8/30/2005
Shishir Mehrotra - WinFS beta 1 team meeting WinFS scobleizer 8/29/2005
Channel 9 Team - Welcome to our new design Channel 9 Team scobleizer 8/25/2005
CLR Team Tour, Part I - Preparing for the PDC CLR, PDC 2005 scobleizer 8/25/2005
CLR Team Tour, Part II - The Future of Languages (PDC panel preview) Erik Meijer, Jason Zander, Rico Mariani, CLR, PDC 2005 Charles 8/25/2005
Arik Cohen - Talking about Windows Presentation Foundation (aka Avalon) WPF scobleizer 8/25/2005
Brad Abrams - CLR'ing his way around the PDC CLR, PDC 2005 scobleizer 8/23/2005
David Smith (and others) - Meeting the Interns Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 8/22/2005
Faris Sweiss - Testing of ASP.NET ASP.NET scobleizer 8/22/2005
Emily Rimas - Tablet PC Education Pack revealed TabletPC, Tablet PC scobleizer 8/16/2005
Rusty Deschenes - Developing on the VS Core Team Visual Studio scobleizer 8/16/2005
Michael Rys - XML in SQL Server XML, SQL Server scobleizer 8/12/2005
Bill Crounse - Talking hospital tech with CIO of Overlake Hospital scobleizer 8/12/2005
Steve Lacey - 10 years of Direct X DirectX scobleizer 8/10/2005
Brian Benincasa - Talking Graphics Technologies at Meltdown Conference DirectX scobleizer 8/10/2005
Jerry Dunietz - XML Paper Specification Windows Vista scobleizer 8/8/2005
Ford Davidson - The latest in cell phones Windows Mobile scobleizer 8/3/2005
Rob Barker - Why Rob cares about SmartClients? Windows Forms scobleizer 8/3/2005
Eric Horvitz - Managing your email better with Outlook Mobile Manager MS Research, Windows Mobile, Office, MS Office, Microsoft Research scobleizer 8/2/2005
Sanaz Ahari and Steve Rider - MSN scobleizer 7/21/2005
Bill Reid - Introducing the Shared Computer Toolkit scobleizer 7/19/2005
Eric Deily - IIS 7 preview IIS scobleizer 7/18/2005
David Anderson - Writing Agile Software scobleizer 7/18/2005
Steve Cellini - Meet the PDC Planning Team PDC 2005 scobleizer 7/15/2005
Steve Winfield - Building Systems scobleizer 7/15/2005
Robert Scoble - Walk to Ballmer's office Channel 9 Team, Microsoft Exeutives scobleizer 7/15/2005
Mike Swanson - Adobe Illustrator to XAML converter WPF scobleizer 7/12/2005
Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO Microsoft Exeutives, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 7/7/2005
Kim Cameron - Identity Laws CardSpace, Security scobleizer 7/6/2005
Owen Braun and Chris Pratley - Talking about OneNote OneNote scobleizer 7/2/2005
Virtual Earth: MSN's answer to Google Maps MSN scobleizer 5/24/2005
Jim Allchin - From starving musician to Longhorn vice president Windows Vista, Microsoft Exeutives scobleizer 4/28/2005
Rick Laplante - Talking about Visual Studio Team System, Part I Visual Studio, VSTS scobleizer 4/22/2005
Anil Dhawan - Look at Bluetooth programming on Windows Mobile Windows Mobile scobleizer 2/17/2005
Jason Zander - About the CLR team Jason Zander, CLR Charles, JasonZ 11/22/2004
Larry Osterman - What's the secret to succeeding at one company for 20 years? Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 11/3/2004
Joe Stegman - Reacts to "Web is taking it all" statement Windows Forms, Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 9/15/2004
Joe Stegman - Why can't we move all APIs into the browser? Windows Forms scobleizer 9/15/2004
Joe Stegman - What can't you do with WinForms? Windows Forms scobleizer 9/15/2004
Sara Williams - Demo of new MSDN Product Feedback Center MSDN scobleizer 6/28/2004
Christopher Brumme - The nirvana of easy, reliable programming Microsoft Personalities scobleizer 6/28/2004
Mike Hall - Build a new Windows CE operating system in less than 10 minutes Windows Mobile scobleizer 6/23/2004
Bill Hill - Do you think anyone is going to read a book on the screen? Bill Hill, Microsoft Personalities Charles 4/20/2004
Dare Obasanjo - What is the best place to learn about XML? Dare Obasanjo, XML scobleizer 4/20/2004