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Rob Relyea: Kinect for Windows SDK Beta 2 Released! Dan Fernandez 11/4/2011
Rob Relyea: Kinect SDK Beta 1 Refresh is live Dan Fernandez 8/3/2011
Jay Schmelzer: Introducing Visual Studio LightSwitch Databinding, LightSwitch, programming tools, Silverlight, Visual Studio Dan Fernandez 8/3/2010
ThisWeekC9 - PDC10, Azure in a box, Windows Phone 7 Tools Beta, and Kings Quest Dan Fernandez 7/16/2010
Simon Calvert & Scott Hunter: WebMatrix and the new Razor Syntax ASP.NET, HTML, Razor, Web, WebMatrix Dan Fernandez 7/6/2010
David Ragones: NVIDIA hardware and IE9 IE9 Dan Fernandez 7/6/2010
Lane McCullough: Dell hardware running IE 9 Canvas demos IE9 Dan Fernandez 7/6/2010
Dave Hoff: AMD Hardware and Internet Explorer 9 IE9 Dan Fernandez 7/6/2010
Debby Lee: ASUS Hardware and Internet Explorer 9 Dan Fernandez 7/6/2010
TWC9: C9 Live at PDC, Teamprise, SDKs galore, Dan Fernandez 11/14/2009
Noah Coad: An Overview of Visual Studio Express 2010 Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio Express Dan Fernandez 11/4/2009
TweetCraft - A World of Warcraft Twitter Client Coding4Fun, Twitter, World of Warcraft Dan Fernandez 7/2/2009
This Week on C9: April Fools Day, open source MVC, ExceLINQ, and cool Silverlight apps April Fools, ASP.NET MVC, LINQ, Silverlight Dan Fernandez 4/3/2009
Throwing Ten Thousand bouncy balls down a stairwell Larry Osterman, Microsoft History Dan Fernandez 4/1/2009
Softies pranking Softies: A step-by-step video for pranking co-workers Microsoft Dan Fernandez 4/1/2009
MIX09 Video Outtakes with Scott Guthrie MIX09 Tina 4/1/2009
1st place - MIX09 Show Off Contest - Physics Helper using Silverlight MIX09, Silverlight 2 Dan Fernandez 3/25/2009
2nd place - MIX09 Show Off Contest - Creating the Ganassi Racing Sidebar Gadget MIX09 Dan Fernandez 3/25/2009
3rd place - MIX09 Show Off Contest - Stimulant Surface Applications 2009 MIX09, Surface, XNA, XNA framework Dan Fernandez 3/25/2009
Honorable Mention - MIX09 Show Off Contest - Silverlight Commodore 64 Emulator MIX09, Silverlight 3 Dan Fernandez 3/25/2009
Honorable Mention - MIX09 Show Off Contest - WPF & The Emotiv Headset MIX09, WPF Dan Fernandez 3/25/2009
Honorable Mention: MIX09 Show Off Contest - Playing in an augmented world Graphics, MIX09, Video Dan Fernandez 3/25/2009
Honorable Mention - MIX09 Show Off Contest - Magister 5, a large LOB app in Silverlight MIX09, Silverlight Dan Fernandez 3/25/2009
Q and A with Bill Buxton at MIX09 MIX09, User Experience, User Interface Dan Fernandez 3/23/2009
Q and A with Dean Hachamovitch at MIX09 Internet Explorer 8, MIX09, Web Dan Fernandez 3/23/2009
Q and A with Scott Guthrie at MIX09 MIX09, Silverlight, Silverlight 3, Visual Studio Dan Fernandez 3/23/2009
Behind the scenes: How Scott Guthrie prepares for his MIX09 keynote MIX09 Tina 3/18/2009
Coding4Fun Demo - How to mask your voice using the Skype Voice Changer Audio, Coding4Fun Dan Fernandez 2/14/2009
Coding4Fun with Brian Peek: WiiEarthVR is a Wiimote, Virtual Earth, WiiFit and VR Glasses Coding4Fun Dan Fernandez 1/9/2009
CodePlex Town Hall at PDC 2008 CodePlex Dan Fernandez 12/2/2008
Celso Gomes: Styling a Silverlight based Twitter application with Expression Blend 2 Expression, Expression Blend, Expression Studio 2, Silverlight 2 Dan Fernandez 11/13/2008
Coding4Fun with Clint Rutkas: The Segway Skateboard C9 Bytes, Coding4Fun Dan Fernandez 11/6/2008
David Pallmann & Mickey Williams: How Cloud Computing will Affect Every Developer Azure, Azure Platform, Cloud Services Dan Fernandez 11/6/2008
Starting up a company? Microsoft BizSpark can help BizSpark Anand Iyer 11/5/2008
Windows 7: Find and Organize Part 2 - Building Federated Search applications OpenSearch, RSS, Windows 7 Dan Fernandez 11/4/2008
More PDC Fun with Laura PDC 2008, PDC08 Max 10/31/2008
Soma on Visual Studio for Windows Azure, Concurrency, and Windows 7 Cloud Services, Concurrency, Visual Studio, Windows 7 Dan Fernandez 10/29/2008
C9 Bytes: Don and Chris explain Oslo in 5 minutes C9 Bytes, Oslo Dan Fernandez 10/29/2008
Lucian Wischik and Lisa Feigenbaum: What's new in Visual Basic 10 VB Team, Visual Basic, Visual Studio Dan Fernandez 10/28/2008
Windows 7: Find and Organize Part 1 - The User Experience Windows 7 Dan Fernandez 10/28/2008
Cogwheel: Building World of Warcraft Addons Gaming, Programming Dan Fernandez 10/23/2008
Bill Hill: The Future of Reading on the Web, Part 2 Bill Hill, Microsoft Personalities, Web Dan Fernandez 10/20/2008
Joe Marini: Microsoft's direction with Visual Studio Extensibility Visual Studio, VS Extensibility Dan Fernandez 10/19/2008
This Week on C9: Windows 7, Silverlight 2 ships, and PDC attendee fun PDC 2008, PDC08, Silverlight 2, Windows 7 Dan Fernandez 10/19/2008
Scott Guthrie: Building a Silverlight 2 application Silverlight 2, Windows Communication Foundation Dan Fernandez 10/15/2008
This Week on C9 – Hell No! Countdown to PDC2008 Ambush Dan and Brian, Taking Over their Show for 10… PDC 2008, PDC08 Dan Fernandez 10/9/2008
Bill Hill: The Future of Reading on the Web, Part 1 Bill Hill, Microsoft Personalities, Web Dan Fernandez 10/9/2008
Countdown to PDC2008: What the heck are Microsoft’s Live Platform Services? Treadwell Tells All! PDC 2008, PDC08 Dan Fernandez 10/4/2008
Countdown to PDC2008: King of the Geeks, Scott Guthrie, Previews PDC Keynote PDC 2008, PDC08 Dan Fernandez 10/3/2008
PDC 2008 is coming… and I can’t wait! PDC 2008, PDC08 Dan Fernandez 10/3/2008
Get Hired @ Microsoft, Episode 2: Partner with your Recruiter Microsoft interview Dan Fernandez 10/1/2008
Countdown to PDC2008: Parallel Computing and Getting Your Head in the Cloud Cloud Services, PDC 2008, PDC08 Dan Fernandez 9/29/2008
Norman Guadagno: Announcing Visual Studio Team System 2010 Visual Studio, VSTS Dan Fernandez 9/29/2008
Get Hired @ Microsoft, Episode 1: Write a Killer Resume Microsoft interview Dan Fernandez 9/24/2008
Countdown to PDC 2008: This is the Software + Services PDC, Plus a Hard Drive Chock Full o’Bits is a… Cloud Services, Live Mesh, PDC 2008, PDC08, Software + Services, Windows 7 Dan Fernandez 9/22/2008
Countdown to PDC2008: Extending the Data Platform to the Cloud Cloud Services, PDC 2008, PDC08 Dan Fernandez 9/22/2008
Countdown to PDC2008: Amitabh Srivastava, Corporate Vice President of Cloud, Infrastructure, &… Cloud Services, PDC 2008, PDC08 Dan Fernandez 9/17/2008
Countdown to PDC2008: Technical Fellow John Shewchuk Talks About His Talk at PDC2008 PDC 2008, PDC08 Dan Fernandez 9/11/2008 Creator's Exclusive Interview Dan Fernandez 9/3/2008
Drew Steedly and Joshua Podolak on Photosynth Dan Fernandez 9/2/2008
Countdown to PDC2008: By Developers, for Developers: Don Box and Chris Anderson Dan Fernandez 8/29/2008
Countdown to PDC2008: Pick Your Sessions, Build Your Agenda and Win a Trip Dan Fernandez 8/22/2008
Blaise Aguera y Arcas: The technology behind Photosynth Dan Fernandez 8/21/2008
Countdown to PDC2008: Poems, Pre-Conferences, Prosise and Petzold! Dan Fernandez 8/15/2008
Saqib Shaikh and Scott Hanselman: Designing for Accessibility Dan Fernandez 8/12/2008
Countdown to PDC2008: Early Bird Discount Ends August 15 Dan Fernandez 8/11/2008
This Week on C9: Scott Hanselman and Charlie Eriksen in the house Dan Fernandez 8/8/2008
Countdown to PDC2008: Content be King Dan Fernandez 8/1/2008
Gabor Ratky and Attila Kisko: AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft Dan Fernandez 7/30/2008
Toby Richards: Community and MVP Program Roadmap Dan Fernandez 7/29/2008
Countdown to PDC2008: Open Space Opens the Minds Dan Fernandez 7/24/2008
Countdown To PDC2008 : Producing a Ginormous Conference in 10 Minutes or Less! Dan Fernandez 7/18/2008
Daniel Pearson: Debugging a Windows Blue Screen of Death Dan Fernandez 7/16/2008
David Steere and Trevor Robinson: How Live Mesh P2P Syncing Works Dan Fernandez 7/11/2008
TechEd: Angus Logan on Windows Live Dan Fernandez 7/2/2008
Charles Teague: Building Windows Live Writer Plug-ins Dan Fernandez 6/30/2008
TechEd Amanda Silver on Visual Basic 2008 and VB in the future Dan Fernandez 6/30/2008
'Softies share their favorite Bill Gates stories Dan Fernandez 6/27/2008
UGTV - a Family Friendly Format Dan Fernandez 6/24/2008
C9 + C10 Fun at TechEd Dan Fernandez 6/19/2008
Ben Brauer and Richard Sprague: Response Point Dan Fernandez 6/18/2008
C9 Bytes: Lisa Feigenbaum on Visual Basic 2008 IDE Enhancements Dan Fernandez 6/17/2008
C9 Bytes: Alex Turner showing the evolution of C# Dan Fernandez 6/17/2008
BlueHat: Cesar Cerrudo on token kidnapping in Windows Dan Fernandez 6/17/2008
BlueHat: Manuel Caballero & Fukami on scripts, cross-domain attacks, and Flash/Silverlight security Dan Fernandez 6/16/2008
BlueHat: Alex “kuza55” K. on client-side issues with browsers, plug-ins, and web applications Dan Fernandez 6/16/2008
BlueHat: Dan Kaminsky on security threat research Dan Fernandez 6/16/2008
BlueHat: SoWhat from Nevis Labs on fuzzing anti-virus products Dan Fernandez 6/16/2008
BlueHat: Billy Rios on what the phishers are up to Dan Fernandez 6/16/2008
BlueHat: Bryan Sullivan on being a Microsoft Security Grunt Dan Fernandez 6/16/2008
Doug Seven: Visual Studio Team System 2008 and Rosario Dan Fernandez 6/12/2008
C9 Bytes: Free and Useful IIS 7 Modules with Drew Robbins Dan Fernandez 6/12/2008
C9 Bytes: Data Visualization and F# with Luke Hoban Dan Fernandez 6/12/2008
C9 Bytes: Parallel LINQ and Amazing Photo Colorization using Parallel Fx with Stephen Toub Dan Fernandez 6/9/2008
C9 Bytes: Parallel Fx using Ray Tracing with Stephen Toub Dan Fernandez 6/9/2008
C9 Bytes: Using Silverlight and IronRuby with John Lam Dan Fernandez 6/9/2008
Rafal Lukawiecki on TechEd, Data Mining, SQL Server and more Dan Fernandez 6/9/2008
Rob Miles: Very Silly Interview Dan Fernandez 6/5/2008
C9 Bytes: SQL Server Rank() with Stephen Forte Dan Fernandez 6/5/2008
Bill Gates TechEd Keynote Dan Fernandez 6/3/2008
A preview of Dynamics AX 2009 with the Dynamics team Dan Fernandez 5/19/2008
Embedding Multimedia-Rich Content onto Office Documents Dan Fernandez 5/5/2008
Adam Nathan: and Suzanne Hansen: First Look at Popfly Game Creator Alpha Dan Fernandez 5/2/2008
Tudor Toma and Soumitra Sengupta: SQL Server Data Services Business Value Dan Fernandez 5/1/2008
Steve Gordon and Chris Parker: Building Windows Live Messenger for Facebook Dan Fernandez 4/30/2008
Mike Klucher: XNA Framework games running on Zune Dan Fernandez 4/28/2008
Ori Amiga: Programming the Mesh Dan Fernandez 4/24/2008
Marc Mercuri and Kyle Johns: Inside RoboChamps Dan Fernandez 4/24/2008
Meet the Live Mesh Team Dan Fernandez 4/23/2008
Ray Ozzie: Introducing Live Mesh Dan Fernandez 4/22/2008
Doug Hodges: The history of Visual Studio Extensibility Dan Fernandez 4/16/2008
GDC: Interview with the N+ Team Dan Fernandez 4/14/2008
Shannon Posniewski: SQL Considered Harmful for MMO's Dan Fernandez 4/9/2008
Sean O'Driscoll: General Manager for Community Support and the MVP Program Dan Fernandez 4/8/2008
Channel9 Team : Spam Video Filter Beta Dan Fernandez 4/1/2008
Scott Austin - GDC: Interesting uses of Xbox Live Arcade Dan Fernandez 3/27/2008
Giles Thomas: ResolverOne, Combining a Spreadsheet with a Programming Language Dan Fernandez 3/24/2008
Sean Shypula and Luis Villegas: Life on the Bungie Farm: Fun Things to do with 180 Servers Dan Fernandez 3/20/2008
Microsoft Keynote at GDC Dan Fernandez 3/17/2008
Demo: Chris Mayo and John Rauschenberger: Programmable Telephony and Presence Dan Fernandez 3/14/2008
Tim Heuer and Jason Mauer: Code Trip Bus "Cribs" Dan Fernandez 3/10/2008
TechFest - Lie Lu and Frank Seide - Music Steering Project Dan Fernandez 3/4/2008
TechFest - Feng Zhao - Tiny Web Services Dan Fernandez 3/4/2008
Techfest - Chuck Thacker and John Davis - Revitalizing Chip Architecture Research Dan Fernandez 3/4/2008
TechFest - Merrie Morris - Collaborative Search, Co-Search, and Search Bar Dan Fernandez 3/4/2008
TechFest - Frank McSherry - Privacy Integrated Queries Dan Fernandez 3/4/2008
Rico Malvar: Microsoft Research, TechFest, and the future of technology Dan Fernandez 3/3/2008
Christian Kleinerman: SQL Server 2008 for Developers Dan Fernandez 2/29/2008
Ken Levy and Aaron Marten: Visual Studio 2008 Extensibility Dan Fernandez 2/27/2008
Anthony Cangialosi and Ken Levy: Visual Studio Gallery Dan Fernandez 2/27/2008
Bill Gates: Backstage at the Office Developer Conference Dan Fernandez 2/11/2008
Alex Hinrichs: Shipping Windows Server 2008 Dan Fernandez 2/4/2008
Scott Guthrie: What's Coming for Mix, Part 2: Windows, Web, and RIA Dan Fernandez 1/31/2008
Scott Guthrie: What's Coming for Mix, Part 1: IIS7 for Developers Dan Fernandez 1/30/2008
April Reagan: The Future of MSDN Help Dan Fernandez 1/29/2008