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Languages & Frameworks
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"Come ask you hard security questions" Security, Identity & Access 9/14/2009
A First Look at WCF and WF in the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Mark Greene, Stefan Sewell, Juval Lowy 9/14/2009
A Lap around Microsoft Code Name "Oslo" Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Jon Flanders, Rahul Garg 9/14/2009
A Tour of CodePlex Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Brian Harry, Sara Ford 9/14/2009
A Tour of CodePlex Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks 9/14/2009
ASP.NET Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks 9/14/2009
ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight and jQuery: Stories From the Trenches Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks David Harvey, Grant Archibald, Richard Campbell 9/14/2009
An Overview of the Azure Services Platform Architecture David Chappell, Cameron Skinner, Chris Auld 9/14/2009
BizTalk Windows Client 9/14/2009
Building Applications on SQL Azure Database Platform Gopal Ashok, Jeremy Boyd, Richard Tkachuk 9/14/2009
Building Applications with WPF Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Brian Harry, Ivan Towlson 9/14/2009
Building Great Standards Based Websites with ASP.NET 4.0 and Silverlight 3 Cloud Computing & Online Services Damian Edwards, Andrew Tokeley, Mark Wilson-Thomas 9/14/2009
Building Rich Web Experiences with jQuery Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Damian Edwards, Scott Morrison 9/14/2009
Building a SOA Infrastructure using BizTalk & UDDI Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Dan Eshner, Rahul Garg 9/14/2009
Business Productivity Online Suite Cloud Computing & Online Services 9/14/2009
Business intelligence on the Microsoft Stack - Is it really possible? Database Platform 9/14/2009
Claims-Based Identity: An Overview Architecture David Chappell, Vittorio Bertocci 9/14/2009
Cloud Computing and Software + Services Architecture David Chappell, Kevin Francis, Paulo Rocha 9/14/2009
Community Spotlight - Debbie Ireland Community 9/14/2009
Community Spotlight - Kirk Jackson Community 9/14/2009
Community Spotlight - Mark Organge Community 9/14/2009
Content and Enterprise Performance Management at the Manukau City Council Office & SharePoint Mike Brothers, Ignacio Montenegro 9/14/2009
Declarative N tier Applications Using WPF, WCF and WF in the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Mark Greene, Stefan Sewell 9/14/2009
Distributing and Monetising Windows Mobile Applications through the Windows Marketplace for Mobile Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Loke-Uei Tan, James McCutcheon 9/14/2009
ERMLive: A Line of Business Application Built on Dynamics CRM Dynamics Dirk Develter, Donald Hastie, Aaron Skonnard 9/14/2009
Enjoying HTML 5, Standards and Developer Features in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Cloud Computing & Online Services Nik Kalyani, Giorgio Sardo 9/14/2009
Future of BI Database Platform 9/14/2009
Get ready: What's coming with .NET 4.0 Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Ian Griffiths, Brian Randell, John-Daniel Trask 9/14/2009
Getting the best out of MSDN Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks 9/14/2009
Group Policy's in Windows Server 2008 R2 & Windows 7 Windows Client 9/14/2009
Hack-Ed: Teaching the Good Guys Bad Tricks Security, Identity & Access Kirk Jackson, Andy Prow 9/14/2009
Kiwibank's Application Infrastructure - Powered by Microsoft .NET Community Bohdan Szymanik 9/14/2009
Managing Databases with Visual Studio Database Platform David Robinson, Greg Low 9/14/2009
Microsoft helping Start Ups Community 9/14/2009
Migrating from Oracle to SQL Server Community Huw Griffiths, Kevin Nicholas 9/14/2009
NZ Post Retail - Fast and affordable BI Community John McDermott, Amir Shevat 9/14/2009
Panel Discussion - Designers & Developers How We Do It In the Real World. Cloud Computing & Online Services Jordan Knight, Shane Morris, Nigel Parker, Che Tamahori, Andrew Tokeley 9/14/2009
Partners Spotlight - Agile Integration Community 9/14/2009
Partners Spotlight - Datasouth Business Solutions Community 9/14/2009
SBS 2008 Rocks - why? Windows Client 9/14/2009
SQL Azure Cloud Computing & Online Services 9/14/2009
SQL Server Database Platform 9/14/2009
SQL Server 2008 Spatial R2 Database Platform 9/14/2009
Scaling Out a SharePoint Farm and Configuring Network Load Balancing on two Web Servers Office & SharePoint Steve Smith, Kapil Tandon 9/14/2009
Services and Complexity Architecture Roger Sessions, Joseph Albahari, Eduardo Kassner, Miha Kralj 9/14/2009
Sponsors Spotlight - Citrix Community 9/14/2009
Sponsors Spotlight - Commvault Community 9/14/2009
Sponsors Spotlight - HP Community 9/14/2009
Sponsors Spotlight - Intergen Community 9/14/2009
Step by Step: Migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 Windows Client Rajesh Davé, Kyle Rosenthal, Wayne Small, Allen Stewart, Vijay Tewari 9/14/2009
Students & the Community Community 9/14/2009
Te Puni Kokiri - Maori Land Information Base Community Gary Weston-Webb, Andrew Lee, Pete Smith 9/14/2009
Tech Ed New Zealand Keynote 2009 Keynote Bill Veghte 9/14/2009
Tech Fest Community 9/14/2009
Tech Girls Dinner Community 9/14/2009
The Amazing Windows 7 Game Community 9/14/2009
The Big Jump Community 9/14/2009
The Coming Meltdown of IT IT Strategy 9/14/2009
The MarketPlace Community 9/14/2009
Top 10 at Tech.Ed NZ 2009! Community 9/14/2009
Using Team Foundation Server in a Distributed World Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Wayne Ewington, Steve Teixeira 9/14/2009
Visual Studio 2008 IDE Tips Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Scott Cate, Sara Ford 9/14/2009
Visual Studio 2008 IDE Tips & Tricks Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks 9/14/2009
Visual Studio Team System 2010: Odyssey Two Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Kirk Jackson, Bhushan Nene, Grzegorz Gogolowicz 9/14/2009
Voice of the Customer: Kiwibank Database Platform 9/14/2009
What's new in SQL Server 2008 R2? Database Platform 9/14/2009
What's new in Security in .Net 4.0 Security, Identity & Access Corneliu Tusnea 9/14/2009
Windows 7 Security Defenses Windows Client 9/14/2009
Windows 7 XP Compatability mode, Virtual PC and Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization Windows Client Ben Armstrong, Tony Krijnen, Daniel van Soest 9/14/2009
Windows Azure for High Availability Cloud Computing & Online Services 9/14/2009
Windows Mobile Spotlight - Motorola 9/14/2009
Windows Server 2008 R2: A Technical Overview Windows Client Nathan Mercer, Gordon Ryan, Rafal Lukawiecki 9/14/2009
Windows Virtual PC "Under the Covers" Virtualization 9/14/2009