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Microsoft Azure
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Application Lifecycle and DevOps Application Development Rofiqi Setiawan 10/8/2015
Azure: What's New Microsoft Azure Andhika Nugraha 10/8/2015
Building Office 365 Applications for Windows 10 Productivity Muhamad Faizal 10/8/2015
IT Optimization and Increased Efficiency with Win 10 Microsoft Windows Marvin Quinzon 10/8/2015
Microsoft Azure is Open Cloud and Trusted Cloud. Really? Microsoft Azure Darmawan Suandi 10/8/2015
Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure Data Platform Cahyo Listyanto 10/8/2015
Azure Stream Analytics and ML: Real-time IoT Insights Internet of Things Agus Kurniawan 10/8/2015
Building Universal Windows Games with Unity Microsoft Windows Yugie Nugraha 10/8/2015
Introduction to .NET 2015 Application Development Risal Law 10/8/2015
Office 365 Updates: What's New and What's Next Productivity Yoga Pramudya 10/8/2015
Preparing Your Infrastructure for Windows 10 Microsoft Windows Herry Suyanto 10/8/2015
Upgrade Corp Communication to Skype for Business Productivity Barra Pradja, M.T.I. 10/8/2015
IE11 or MS Edge: What is best for your Enterprise? Microsoft Windows Arthur Renaldy 10/8/2015
Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Productivity Licky Suryawan 10/8/2015
SQL Server in Memory OLTP Data Platform Kiki Noviandi 10/8/2015
Skype Developer Platform Productivity Muhamad Faizal 10/8/2015
What's New in Visual Studio 2015 Application Development Rully Yulian MF 10/8/2015
Windows 10 Phone Experience for Enterprise Microsoft Windows Gustaff Martin 10/8/2015
Build your own Corporate App Store Microsoft Windows Septia Sukariningrum 10/8/2015
Driving Office 2016 Deployment Productivity Wai Leong Chan 10/8/2015
Empower Your People @ Anywhere Productivity William Wijaya 10/8/2015
From Zettabytes to Yuttabytes and Intel Developer Program Application Development Joko Banu Sastriawan 10/8/2015
Get the Best of Both Worlds Datacenter and Infrastructure Rahmat Hidayat 10/8/2015
To Cloud or not to Cloud: Protect Your Business Efficiently Datacenter and Infrastructure Leonardo Irawan 10/8/2015
Answering Industry Trend with Azure Adv Analytics Microsoft Azure Marcus Pribi Setyo N 10/8/2015
Docker on Azure Microsoft Azure Andhika Nugraha 10/8/2015
Office 365 Security, Protection and Control Productivity Felix Wira Putera 10/8/2015
Porting Android, iOS and Classic Win app to Win 10 Microsoft Windows Andri Yadi 10/8/2015
Traditional App Delivery is Broken - How You Can Fix It Application Development David Pramana 10/8/2015
Build Project Management with Project Online Productivity Felix Wira Putera 10/8/2015
How Microsoft IT Deploys Windows 10 Microsoft Windows Ganesh Ladchumanopaskeran 10/8/2015
Power BI Designer: Advanced Modeling & Calculations Data Platform Cahyo Listyanto 10/8/2015
Running Web and Mobile Apps on Azure App Service Microsoft Azure Puja Pramudya 10/8/2015
IT Value, Why it is not realized and maximized? Productivity Sudimin Mina 10/8/2015
Just Right IT: Compete big, at any size Datacenter and Infrastructure Teguh Tjahjono 10/8/2015
Win Server & System Center Futures: Bring Azure to Datacenter Datacenter and Infrastructure Rudy Setyo Purnomo 10/8/2015
Azure Site Recovery: Azure and Disaster Recovery Microsoft Azure Arfan Arlanda 10/8/2015
Introduction to ASP.NET 5 Application Development Ahmad Masykur 10/8/2015
Introduction to Azure Resource Manager Microsoft Azure Julius Fenata 10/8/2015
Tech and Non-tech aspects of Yammer implementation Productivity Julian Chan 10/8/2015
Connecting your apps with Office 365 Productivity Eggy Tanuwijaya 10/7/2015
EMS: Hybrid Cloud Identity Mgmt w/ Azure AD Premium Datacenter and Infrastructure Fazar Sutanto 10/7/2015
Integrated hospital info system for BPJS services-claims Productivity Joko Triyono 10/7/2015
Introducing Git Support in Visual Studio 2015 Application Development Eriawan Kusumawardhono 10/7/2015
SQL Server End-to-End High Availability and DR Data Platform Fiki Setiyono 10/7/2015
Win 10: Disrupting the Revolution of Cyber-Threats with Revolutionary Security! Microsoft Windows Tony Seno Hartono 10/7/2015
Developing Cross-Platform Applications Application Development Rofiqi Setiawan 10/7/2015
Healthcare Innovation Solutions Productivity Galib Machri 10/7/2015
Introduction to Windows Containers and Nano Server Datacenter and Infrastructure Malikuswari Syahri 10/7/2015
Manage Mobile Productivity with Ent Mobility Suite Datacenter and Infrastructure Sugiyanto Yoannatan 10/7/2015
Operations Management Suite Datacenter and Infrastructure Oktoria Darmawan 10/7/2015
The SQL Server Evolution Data Platform Konny Lumentut 10/7/2015
Azure StorSimple: Hybrid Cloud Storage Microsoft Azure Arfan Arlanda 10/7/2015
Deploying Complex Open Source Workloads on Azure Microsoft Azure Rudy Setyo Purnomo 10/7/2015
Deploying Office 365 on Your Premises Productivity Yoga Pramudya 10/7/2015
Real World Win10 Universal App with Azure Backend Microsoft Windows Norman Sasono 10/7/2015
Windows 10: The Modern Platform Microsoft Windows Marvin Quinzon 10/7/2015
Windows for Makers: Raspberry Pi 2, Arduino and more Internet of Things Andri Yadi 10/7/2015
High Performance Private Cloud Infrastructure for Operating MS System Center Datacenter and Infrastructure Ryan Wang 10/7/2015
Invisible Hyper-converge Infra for Mission Critical MS Apps Datacenter and Infrastructure Erllexsy Anjarwati 10/7/2015
K.I.S.S in the Cloud: Providing True Hybrid IT Solutions Datacenter and Infrastructure Alexander Pak 10/7/2015
Speed Up Your Process Automation - MaxCloud Productivity James Edmond Widjaja 10/7/2015
Technical Guidance on Win 10 Enterprise Deployment Microsoft Windows Herry Suyanto 10/7/2015
To Cloud or not to Cloud: Grow Your Business Efficiently Datacenter and Infrastructure Alfonsus Bram 10/7/2015
A Deep Dive into Skype for Business Mobility Productivity Felix Wira Putera 10/7/2015
Hybrid Cloud Azure Datacenter and Infrastructure Olive Kusumbara 10/7/2015
Software Asset Management: Do you now what software runs in your company? Datacenter and Infrastructure Sudimin Mina 10/7/2015
What you should know about Windows 10 Enterprise Microsoft Windows Tony Seno Hartono 10/7/2015
Workflow for Everyone, Everywhere Productivity Gan Kok Koon 10/7/2015
Pioneer or left behind Main Track Deddy Kristiady 10/7/2015
Extending Your Premises to Microsoft Azure Main Track Alfonsus Bram 10/7/2015
gCloud: Inventory Management Made Easy Productivity Andhika Satya 10/7/2015
Keynote Speech Main Track Henri Mattila, Albert Subekti, Norman Sasono, Marcus Pribi Setyo Nugroho, Septia Sukariningrum, Anthonius Henricus, Darmawan Suandi 10/7/2015
Guest Speech Main Track Shinichiro Shimada 10/7/2015
Opening Speech Main Track Andreas Diantoro 10/7/2015