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What Tags Who When
Visual Studio Web Tooling Futures Sayed Hashimi 11/4/2015
Identity features in ASP.NET Pranav Rastogi, Vittorio Bertocci 11/4/2015
Deep Dive with the NuGet Team Jeffrey Fritz, Jeff Fritz, Yishai Galatzer 11/4/2015
Entity Framework Futures Rowan Miller 11/4/2015
ASP.NET 5: Performance Damian Edwards 11/4/2015
Future of Razor & Tag Helpers Damian Edwards, Taylor Mullen 11/4/2015
ASP.NET 5 Web Pages Futures Damian Edwards, David Fowler 11/4/2015
Azure Service Fabric Boris Shcoll 11/4/2015 Dan Roth 11/4/2015
ASP.NET + SPA Steve Sanderson 11/3/2015
Angular overview by Brad Green and Jules Kremer Brad Green, Jules Kremer 11/3/2015
ASP.NET in Azure Brady Gaster, Sayed Hashimi 11/3/2015
IIS and Nano Server David So 11/3/2015
ASP.NET 5: Considerations for Production Linux Environments Glenn Condron 11/3/2015
ASP.NET 5: Kestrel Damian Edwards 11/3/2015
Visual Studio Web Tools Mads Kristensen 11/3/2015
Introducing the dotnet CLI Andrew Nurse, Damian Edwards, David Fowler 11/2/2015
Global Commands Glenn Condron 11/2/2015
Class Libraries Damian Edwards, David Fowler 11/2/2015
What's New and Coming For Glimpse Anthony van der Hoorn, Nik Molnar 11/2/2015
Entity Framework 7 Rowan Miller 11/2/2015
Razor & Tag Helpers Taylor Mullen 11/2/2015
Building Modern Web Apps with ASP.NET MVC 6 Dan Roth 11/2/2015
Welcome and Acquisition Demo Glenn Condron, Scott Hanselman 11/2/2015