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Customer Journeys to Unfied Communications with Microsoft Lync Level 300 Stuart Reilly, Mike Zentveld, Jonathan Glenister 9/12/2013
DPM, Windows Server & Azure Backup Level 300 Orin Thomas 9/12/2013
Getting started with Git: A .NET developer's guide Level 300 Ian Randall 9/12/2013
Identity and Windows Azure - the brave new world of SSO in the cloud Level 200 Rory Braybrook 9/12/2013
Innovation at Trade Me: from FedEx to Spotify Level 100 Simon Young 9/12/2013
PowerView and DAX on OLAP Level 400 Robert Blaas, Manpreet Gill 9/12/2013
The conjurer's masterpiece - hiding complexity with async Level 400 Mark Young 9/12/2013
Upgrading to SharePoint 2013 Level 300 Wayne Ewington 9/12/2013
Windows XP & April 2014 - the end of the world as we know it? Level 200 Terry Chapman, Peter Haigh 9/12/2013
Adding Windows 8 and 8.1 to your Win 7 environment –the WHY and the HOW Level 200 Terry Chapman, Karl de Borst, Peter Haigh 9/11/2013
How Microsoft Quietly Built the City of the Future - Deep Dive on Analytics Level 300 Darrell Smith 9/11/2013
Managing and Monitoring your hybrid datacenter with VMM and Operations Manager. Level 400 Alessandro Cardoso 9/11/2013
Mastering Office Web Apps Server 2013 operations Level 300 Wictor Wilén 9/11/2013
Performance Tuning SQL Server Analysis Services Level 400 Rob Hawthorne 9/11/2013
SAP Migration to Azure Cloud Level 200 Logan Gouws, Gavin Martin, Grant McPherson 9/11/2013
Taming Time: A Deep Dive into the Reactive Extensions Level 400 Ivan Towlson 9/11/2013
The Business Mechanix “Bourne Identity” – Designing Large Scale Identity Management solutions using Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) & ADFS. Level 300 Wayne Stewart, Courtney Pomare 9/11/2013
Active Directory Tips, Tricks and Best Practice Level 300 Tony Murray 9/11/2013
BI Power Hour Level 200 Myles Matheson 9/11/2013
Building Real World Windows 8.1 Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services Level 300 Nick Harris 9/11/2013
Deploying a Minecraft Server on Windows Azure Level 300 Orin Thomas 9/11/2013
Game On - Cross Platformer Level 200 Vaughan Knight 9/11/2013
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 High Availability and Site Resilience Level 300 Scott Schnoll 9/11/2013
SCOM 2012 to the Max - joint presentation from Intergen & Kiwibank Level 300 David Grahame, Bryan Wilson 9/11/2013
What's the deal with Node.js? Level 300 Ian Randall 9/11/2013
Designing for High Availability and Disaster Recovery in Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Level 300 Andrew Ehrensing 9/11/2013
Dynamics CRM 2011 JavaScript Ninja Level 400 Gayan Perera 9/11/2013
Fast and fluid - making your Windows 8 applications fly Level 300 Mark Young 9/11/2013
Managing Clouds with System Center Level 400 Alessandro Cardoso 9/11/2013
Pick your poison; pick your target - multi-platform development with .NET Level 300 Dean Wills 9/11/2013
The Browser You Loved to Hate Level 300 Alan Burchill, Chris Jackson 9/11/2013
The Identity Jigsaw Puzzle Level 300 Carol Wapshere 9/11/2013
Windows Azure in the Enterprise Level 300 Nick Westbrook 9/11/2013
Building Apps with the Kinect for Windows SDK Level 300 Clint Rutkas 9/11/2013
SharePoint Stump the Experts : Panel Discussion Level 300 Panel Speakers 9/11/2013
Windows Server Work Folders: My Corporate Data on All of My Devices Level 300 Nathan Mercer 9/11/2013
Going on a Service Management Road Trip – From A to Z Energy Level 200 Paul Brebner, Leon Swart, Michelle Peglar 9/11/2013
How to Get there! Part 2: Networking Infrastructure and Management. Level 300 Andrew McMurray 9/11/2013
MDT 2013 and Windows 8.1: Tips and Tricks Level 300 Michael Niehaus 9/11/2013
Modern apps for a mobility work force Level 300 Lewis Benge 9/11/2013
Not MacGyver's JavaScript - Better Client Side Architectures. Level 300 Amy Palamountain 9/11/2013
Optimising SQL Server for SharePoint Level 300 Wayne Ewington, Pat Martin 9/11/2013
Performance Tuning Microsoft SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines Level 300 Emil Velinov 9/11/2013
Understanding Compliance, Data Loss Prevention, and eDiscovery in Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and Office Level 300 Ankur Kothari 9/11/2013
Windows Azure Storage Tables, What Are They Good For? Level 400 Stephen Moir 9/11/2013
A fresh look at the Microsoft Integration landscape Level 300 Emil Velinov 9/11/2013
ASP.Net WebApi – Whats New Level 300 Grant Archibald 9/11/2013
Business Proof-of-Concepts using Windows 8 Level 300 Christopher Pritchard 9/11/2013
Data Discovery and Insights using Power BI Level 300 Dandy Weyn 9/11/2013
How Microsoft Quietly Built the City of the Future Level 200 Darrell Smith 9/11/2013
Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Deployment and Migration On Your Terms Level 300 Andrew Ehrensing 9/11/2013
StorSimple: Enabling Windows Azure Storage for Enterprise Workloads Level 200 Ben Di Qual 9/11/2013
Upgrading, Deploying and Scaling out SharePoint Search : What No UI! Level 300 Neil Hodgkinson 9/11/2013
Windows Azure SQL Database for the DBA Level 300 Scott Klein 9/11/2013
Architecting an Open Data Platform using Azure Level 200 Clive Trott 9/11/2013
Azure Mobile Services deep dive into node.js scripting Level 300 Glenn Block 9/11/2013
Customising the Search Experience in SharePoint 2013 Level 300 Wayne Ewington 9/11/2013
How to Get there Part 1! Reimagining and migrating your Active Directory. Level 300 Andrew McMurray 9/11/2013
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Tips & Tricks Level 300 Scott Schnoll 9/11/2013
New Architecture for the New World with Citrix XenDesktop on Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 Level 300 Richard Sanchez 9/11/2013
Taking advantage of Windows 8.1 WindowsContent Mark Young 9/11/2013
Virtualising SQL Server 2012 – Local and Cloud Level 300 Dave Dustin 9/11/2013
Agile Planning & Requirements in Team Foundation Server Level 300 Rob Maher 9/10/2013
Availability Strategies for a Resilient Private Cloud Level 400 Alessandro Cardoso 9/10/2013
Avoiding a Clusterfrack in the Clouds Level 200 Tony Weston, Gareth Fletcher 9/10/2013
How to become the DBA of the future? Level 300 Dandy Weyn 9/10/2013
JavaScript in SharePoint and not just for Apps Level 300 Wictor Wilén 9/10/2013
Planning and Deploying Your Enterprise Voice Level 300 Andrew Ehrensing 9/10/2013
Query Performance Tuning Techniques For Windows Azure SQL Database Level 300 Scott Klein 9/10/2013
Unifying BYOD Management with Windows Intune and Configuration Manager 2012 Level 300 James Bannan, Peter Daalmans 9/10/2013
Working with devices; integrating into peripherals for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Level 300 Lewis Benge 9/10/2013
10 F# Features Every C# Developer Should Crave Level 300 Ivan Towlson 9/10/2013
Building Cloud Services with the Windows Azure Pack Level 200 Stu Fox 9/10/2013
Javascript Windows Store apps for Windows Embedded Level 200 Hannes Nel 9/10/2013
Real-time Data Insight into Retail Store and Marketing Performance. Level 300 Russell Bowden 9/10/2013
Security in Microsoft Office 365 Level 200 Paul Andrew 9/10/2013
SharePoint Search is Dead, Long Live SharePoint Search Level 300 Neil Hodgkinson 9/10/2013
So Many Ways to Skin The Cat Level 300 Chris Auld 9/10/2013
The Agile Buffet Table: Building your own Agile Methodology Level 300 John Bristowe, Stephen Forte 9/10/2013
Windows 8 Security Internals Level 400 Chris Jackson 9/10/2013
Automate IT Operations with System Center 2012 Orchestrator Level 200 Albert Sauz 9/10/2013
Deploying and Updating Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus with Click-to-Run Level 200 Jeff Medford, Alistair Speirs 9/10/2013
Implementing the Internet of Things with Windows Azure Level 200 Brady Gaster 9/10/2013
Level up your API with Hypermedia Level 300 Amy Palamountain 9/10/2013
Making Agile Estimation Work Level 300 John Bristowe, Stephen Forte 9/10/2013
Mastering Enterprise Database Migrations to SQL Server Level 200 Mark Ashcroft 9/10/2013
Real world SharePoint 2013 architecture decisions Level 300 Wictor Wilén 9/10/2013
Travelling at the speed of realtime with node.js on Windows Azure Level 400 Glenn Block 9/10/2013
C# on a diet with scriptcs Level 300 Glenn Block 9/10/2013
How and why Software Defined Networking (SDN) is transforming network strategy and architecture Level 200 Rick Bracewell, Glenn Owen 9/10/2013
Key technologies for building great video experience on Windows 8 Level 200 Mingfei Yan 9/10/2013
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 On-Premises Upgrade and Coexistence Level 300 Scott Schnoll 9/10/2013
Microsoft SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery on Windows Azure Level 300 Nicholas Dritsas 9/10/2013
Real-time Clouds: SignalR & Windows Azure Level 200 Brady Gaster 9/10/2013
SharePoint Forensic Deep Dive Level 300 Mark Rhodes 9/10/2013
The V Motion Project Level 200 Matt von Trott, Jeff Nusz 9/10/2013
What Did Your Last Presentation Die Of? Level 200 Martin Sykes 9/10/2013
Climbing the Agile Testing Ladder featuring Visual Studio 2013, TFS 2013, Microsoft Test Manager 2013, and Lab Management 2013 Level 300 Damian Brady, Adam Cogan 9/10/2013
Configuration Manager 2012 – Advanced infrastructure Level 300 Kent Agerlund 9/10/2013
Developing Connected Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Service: Overview Level 200 Nick Harris 9/10/2013
Hack-Ed: Develop your Security Spidey-Sense Level 300 Kirk Jackson, Andy Prow 9/10/2013
Lights, Camera, Lenses! Level 200 Vaughan Knight 9/10/2013
Overview of Microsoft Office 365 Identity Management Level 200 Paul Andrew 9/10/2013
SharePoint Business Continuity Management Level 300 Neil Hodgkinson 9/10/2013
Storage and Availability Improvements in Windows Server 2012 R2 Level 300 Jeff Alexander 9/10/2013
Windows 8.1, getting better with Group Policy and Work Folders Level 300 Alan Burchill 9/10/2013
3rd Party Value added Apps for Microsoft Lync Level 100 Paul Dolley 9/10/2013
Building media workflows in the cloud with Windows Azure Media Services Level 200 Mingfei Yan 9/10/2013
Cui Bono. Using the Benefits Dependency Network to bring technology and business changes together Level 200 Martin Sykes 9/10/2013
DevOps at LightSpeed, lessons we learned from building a Raygun Level 300 Jeremy Boyd, John-Daniel Trask 9/10/2013
Hyper-V - What's New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Level 300 Ben Armstrong 9/10/2013
Mastering the CUBE Functions in Excel 2013 Level 300 Peter Myers 9/10/2013
Solving the 'Needle in a Haystack' Dilemma with Citrix and Microsoft Level 300 Richard Sanchez 9/10/2013
That's so 2013! - An overview of Web Content Management In SharePoint 2013 Level 200 Jacques Botha 9/10/2013
Keynote Summary Keynote Summary 9/10/2013
Summary of Friday 9/10/2013
Summary of Thursday 9/10/2013
Summary of Wednesday 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Chris Auld - CTO - Intergen TechTalks Chris Auld 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Chris Jackson - Architect TechTalks Chris Jackson 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Clint Rutkas - Technical Evangelist - Microsoft TechTalks Clint Rutkas 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Dandy Weyn TechTalks Dandy Weyn 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Keith Patton - CEO - Marker Metro TechTalks Keith Patton 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Martin Cocker - Executive Director - Netsafe NZ TechTalks Martin Cocker 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Martin Skyes - People and Delivery Director - Microsoft TechTalks 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Michael Niehaus - Senior Program Marketing Manager - Windows Commercial - Microsoft TechTalks Michael Niehaus 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Mingfei Yan - Program Manager - Windows Azure Media Team TechTalks Mingfei Yan 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Neil Hodgkinson - Senior Program Manager - Office 365 CAT at Microsoft TechTalks Neil Hodgkinson 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Rick Claus TechTalks Rick Claus 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Scott Guthrie - Corporate Vice President - Windows Azure TechTalks Scott Guthrie 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Stephan Forte & John Bristowe TechTalks John Bristowe 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Vaughan Knight - Developer Relations Manager - Nokia TechTalks Vaughan Knight 9/10/2013
TechTalks: Wictor Wilen - Director and SharePoint Architect - Connecta AB TechTalks 9/10/2013
From Startup to Grown-up with Windows Azure Web Sites Level 200 Brady Gaster, Luke Ballantine 9/9/2013
Largest SQL Server and SQL Azure projects in the world Level 300 Nicholas Dritsas 9/9/2013
Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Level 200 Jeff Medford, Alistair Speirs 9/9/2013
Storage Spaces: What’s New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Level 200 Rick Claus 9/9/2013
The Social Intranet! Level 100 Debbie Ireland 9/9/2013
What's new in Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Level 300 Kent Agerlund 9/9/2013
What’s New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Networking Level 300 Jeff Alexander 9/9/2013
What’s new for ALM in Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013 Level 100 Damian Brady, Adam Cogan 9/9/2013
Zero to Hundred - EventFinda comes to the Windows 8 store Level 200 Donnel Cyril, Mohit Singh 9/9/2013
10 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of PowerShell Level 200 James Finley 9/9/2013
An Introduction to Lync 2013 Level 100 Paul Dolley 9/9/2013
Building Real World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure - Part 2 Level 300 Scott Guthrie 9/9/2013
Charming Windows 8 Level 300 Nigel Sampson 9/9/2013
Configuring your SharePoint 2013 Farm for Apps Level 200 Mark Rhodes 9/9/2013
Deploying Windows 8.1: What's New Level 300 Michael Niehaus 9/9/2013
Hack-Ed: Wheedling and cajoling your way to success Level 300 Kirk Jackson, Andy Prow 9/9/2013
Understanding Hyper-V Replica: Performance, Networking and Automation Level 300 Ben Armstrong 9/9/2013
What's new in SQL Server "2014" - feature drilldown Level 300 Pat Martin, Dandy Weyn 9/9/2013
Building Real World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure - Part 1 Level 300 Scott Guthrie 9/9/2013
Designing trustworthy staff to match your trustworthy architecture Level 100 Martin Cocker 9/9/2013
Enabling Application Mobility and User-Centric VDI in the Datacenter Level 300 James Bannan, Peter Daalmans 9/9/2013
Introduction to Windows Server 2012 R2 Level 200 Rick Claus 9/9/2013
Mosquitoes hate laser beams Level 200 Dean Wills 9/9/2013
Overview of Business Intelligence in Office and SharePoint 2013 Level 200 Peter Myers 9/9/2013
Overview of Enterprise Social from Microsoft Level 200 Adam Pisoni, Paul Quirk 9/9/2013
So What? Your Architecture Does Not Impress Me! Level 100 Doug Newdick 9/9/2013
Whats new in Windows 8.1 and Devices, Devices, Devices Level 200 Alan Burchill, Brendan Byrne, Karl de Borst, Antony Willis, Andrew McMurray 9/9/2013
TechEd 2013 Keynote Address Level 200 Sean Gourley, Scott Guthrie, Nigel Parker 9/9/2013