Events: Microsoft Data Insights Summit 2016


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Power BI
What Tags Who When
Data Inequality – The Fates of Companies with Untapped Data AA 3/23/2016
Fireside Chat With The Excel Leadership Team Excel 3/23/2016
Import and Transform Data of any shape and size using Power BI Desktop Power BI 3/23/2016
Integrating With Power BI Using Developer APIs Power BI 3/23/2016
Using Power BI To Make Projects More “Powerful” In Your Organization Power BI 3/23/2016
Cool Tips And Tricks With Formulas In Excel Excel 3/23/2016
Create Impactful Reports With Power BI Desktop Power BI 3/23/2016
Effective Dashboarding With Power BI Power BI 3/23/2016
Excel Customer Session: How The Microsoft Finance Team Uses Excel For Internal Revenue Planning Excel 3/23/2016
Keeping Your Power BI Data Up-to-Date The Easy Way Power BI 3/23/2016
Enabling Deeper Business Decisions Using Cube Formulas And Power Pivot In Excel Excel 3/23/2016
Excel Online at Cloud (O365) and On-premise Excel 3/23/2016
Making Sense Of Data: The Human Side Of Data Analysis AA 3/23/2016
Power BI Customer Session: How Renault Sport F1 Team Uses Data And Power BI – From The Track To The Factory Excel 3/23/2016
Securing Your Data In Power BI Power BI 3/23/2016
Spreadsheet Management And Compliance Excel 3/23/2016
Custom Data Integration and Analysis in Excel With Office Add-Ins Excel 3/23/2016
Excel And Power BI Are Better Together Power BI 3/23/2016
Excel Customer Session: Beyond Facts And Data At Tyco: Learnings Surrounding People, Process And Technology Excel 3/23/2016
Tips And Tricks For Advanced Visualizations In Excel Excel 3/23/2016
Using EEG & Azure Machine Learning To Build A Lie Detector AA 3/23/2016
Win Your Team Over With Power BI Power BI 3/23/2016
Power BI Customer Session: International Flavor & Fragrance (IFF) and Rockwell Power BI 3/23/2016
Power BI Insights and Analytics for Everyone: Natural Language Search, Quick Insights, and Cortana Power BI 3/23/2016
Supercharge Your Data Analysis With R AA 3/23/2016
Tools for thinking: Real Time Analytics & The Future Of Work Excel 3/23/2016
What Is Big Data And How Do You Make Sense Of It In Excel? Excel 3/23/2016
What's New In SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services SSRS 3/23/2016
Executive Panel N/A 3/22/2016
Developing Customized Forecasting Models In Excel 2016 Excel 3/22/2016
How To Drive Business Transformation Using Analytics N/A 3/22/2016
Monitor Your Business Using Power BI Power BI 3/22/2016
Power BI Customer Session: Archer Daniel Midlands & Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Power BI 3/22/2016
Power BI Mobile - Answering Your Business Questions Power BI 3/22/2016
The Power Of R In Power BI AA 3/22/2016
Advanced DAX Power BI 3/22/2016
Communicate And Analyze With Impact - New Charting Capabilities In Excel Excel 3/22/2016
Data Modeling in Excel using Power Pivot Excel 3/22/2016
From Hindsight To Foresight -- Machine Learning With Excel And Power BI AA 3/22/2016
Improving Healthcare With Machine Learning And Advanced Analytics AA 3/22/2016
Managing Microsoft Office in a time of Continuous Improvement Excel 3/22/2016
Power BI Customer Session: Dixons Carphone & Johnson Controls Power BI 3/22/2016
Data Modeling for Power BI Power BI 3/22/2016
Data Science For The Rest Of Us AA 3/22/2016
Excel Everywhere: The Benefits Of Using Excel On The Web, On Mobile And Anywhere! Excel 3/22/2016
Power BI Customer Session: Republican National Committee & Planview Power BI 3/22/2016
Shape External Data With Unprecedented Ease And Power In Excel Excel 3/22/2016
DAX 101 Power BI 3/22/2016
Introduction To Real-Time Predictive Modeling AA 3/22/2016
The Arithmetic of Uncertainty: A Cure for the Flaw of Averages Excel 3/22/2016
What's New In Excel 2016 Excel 3/22/2016
Whirlwind Tour Of Power BI Power BI 3/22/2016
Microsoft Opening Keynote : From Insight to Action: Your path to Modern BI Power BI, Excel 3/22/2016
Analyzing And Visualizing Data With Excel 2016 Leif Brenne 3/22/2016