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Closing Ceremony 200 - Intermediate Duncan Mackenzie, Charles Torre, Seth Juarez, Larry Larsen 5/1/2015
App-to-App Communication: Building a Web of Apps App Model Arunjeet Singh, Sandeep Mathew George 5/1/2015
Azure Media Services Developer Deep Dive 200 - Intermediate Mingfei Yan 5/1/2015
Azure Storage for Developers: Overview and New Capabilities 200 - Intermediate Vamshidhar Kommineni, Jason Hogg 5/1/2015
Building Universal Windows Apps with Office 365 APIs 300 - Experienced Chakkaradeep Chandran 5/1/2015
Designing and Developing the Ultimate Windows App Experience Design, XAML/UX Rob Cameron, Lynnette Reed 5/1/2015
Go Mobile with C#, Visual Studio and Xamarin iOS, Visual Studio, Android, Mobile Development Miguel de Icaza, James Montemagno 5/1/2015
Historical Debugging with IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2015 Visual Studio, Diagnostics, IntelliTrace Angelos Petropoulos 5/1/2015
New Retail Peripherals and NFC/HCE Support in Windows 10 IoT, Security, Internet of Things Demet Bezmez, Tony Goodhew, Alex McKelvey 5/1/2015
What’s New in Direct2D and DirectWrite for Windows 10 Graphics, Game Development Anthony Hodsdon 5/1/2015
When Bad Things Happen to Good Apps: Troubleshooting Applications on Azure App Service 200 - Intermediate Apurva Joshi (AJ) 5/1/2015
XAML Case Study: Putting it All Together, Office and XAML Office, XAML/UX Andrew Coates, Jason Morse 5/1/2015
Ask Us Anything About Visual Studio IDE 200 - Intermediate Mark Wilson-Thomas, Seth Juarez, Tarek Madkour 5/1/2015
Azure Virtual Machines Deep Dive 200 - Intermediate Mahesh Thiagarajan, Boris Scholl 5/1/2015
Building Consumer and Enterprise Device Solutions with Windows 10 IoT IoT, Internet of Things Cyra Richardson 5/1/2015
Develop Modern Web Applications with Azure Active Directory 200 - Intermediate Vittorio Bertocci 5/1/2015
Getting Great Performance Out of Cordova Apps iOS, Visual Studio, Android, Cross-Platform Development Ryan Salva 5/1/2015
Logic Apps 200 - Intermediate Stephen Siciliano, Ilya Grebnov 5/1/2015
Making Money with Office 365 Office, Store, Office Add-ins, Monetization, App Model, Office 365, Office 365 APIs Dene Cleaver, Jim Epes 5/1/2015
Monetize and Promote Your Universal Windows App with Ads Store, Monetization Vijay Rajagopalan, Nir Froimovici, Matt Sullivan 5/1/2015
New XAML Tools in Visual Studio 2015 Visual Studio, XAML/UX Unni Ravindranathan 5/1/2015
The Skype Developer Platform and Skype Web Developer Capabilities 300 - Experienced Andrew Bybee, Dan Gardiner, Daniel Valik, Srividhya Chandrasekaran 5/1/2015
Tiles, Notifications, and Action Center App Model Thomas Fennel, Lei Xu 5/1/2015
Visualizing Business Data on any Device with Bing Maps 200 - Intermediate Ricky Brundritt 5/1/2015
What's New in Azure Media Services this Year: Indexer, Player, and Live Encoder 200 - Intermediate Martin Wahl 5/1/2015
What’s New in JavaScript for Fast and Scalable Apps Web Platform, JavaScript Brian Terlson 5/1/2015
The Lesser Scotts 200 - Intermediate Scott Hanselman, Damian Edwards, Scott Hunter, Seth Juarez, Rowan Miller 5/1/2015
.NET Open Source Initiative .NET Martin Woodward, Immo Landwerth, Seth Juarez, Jay Schmelzer, Beth Massi 5/1/2015
.NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn"): Analyzers and the Rise of Code-Aware Libraries .NET, C# Dustin Campbell 5/1/2015
Building Compelling Bluetooth Apps in Windows 10 300 - Experienced Kiran Pathakota, Ellick Sung, Todd Paris 5/1/2015
Building a Single-Page App Using Angular and TypeScript Using Office 365 APIs 300 - Experienced Andrew Connell, Jeremy Thake, Dan Wahlin 5/1/2015
Case Studies of HoloLens App Development 200 - Intermediate Aviad Almagor, Rukari Austin, Mark Griswold, Jeff Norris, Megan Saunders 5/1/2015
Cloud Authentication Troubleshooting and Recipes for Developers 200 - Intermediate Mat Velloso 5/1/2015
Deploying Complex Open Source Workloads on Azure 200 - Intermediate Mahesh Thiagarajan, Haishi Bai, Brian Benz 5/1/2015
Developing Against AND Office 365 300 - Experienced Venkat Ayyadevara, Rohit Nagarmal 5/1/2015
Developing Audio and Video Apps Media David Mebane 5/1/2015
Fast and Powerful Diagnostics, and Problem Solving with Application Insights Diagnostics, Application Insights Victor Mushkatin 5/1/2015
Moving to the Universal Windows Platform: Porting an App from Windows 8.1 XAML or Windows Phone Silverlight to Windows 10 XAML/UX Sam Jarawan 5/1/2015
Navigation and Windowing in Universal Windows Apps App Model Andrew Bares, Roberth Karman 5/1/2015
Using Azure Search to Build Great Search Experiences in Mobile and Web Apps 200 - Intermediate Pablo Castro 5/1/2015
Vision APIs: Understanding Images in Your App 200 - Intermediate Meenaz Merchant 5/1/2015
Developing for Windows 10 200 - Intermediate Kevin Gallo, Seth Juarez 5/1/2015
API Contracts (or How I Learned to Stop Checking OS Versions and Love Feature Detection) 300 - Experienced Brent Rector 5/1/2015
Acquiring Users and Monetizing Your Apps Store, Monetization, Application Insights Inigo Lopez, James Oleinik 5/1/2015
Application Insights for Any App: A Must-Have Tool for Understanding Your Customers DevOps, Application Insights Darren Jefford, Dale Koetke 5/1/2015
Build the Next Big Thing with Azure’s NoSQL Service: DocumentDB 200 - Intermediate Ryan CrawCour 5/1/2015
Build with Bing: Use Bing APIs and Tools to Enrich Your Apps and Make Them More Discoverable 200 - Intermediate Andre Furtado, Vincent Wehren 5/1/2015
Building Multi-Device Apps with Xamarin with Office 365 APIs 300 - Experienced James Montemagno, Chakkaradeep Chandran 5/1/2015
Camera: Developing Powerful Camera Apps Media Sandeep Kanumuri, Mike Morante 5/1/2015
Deep Dive into ASP.NET 5 ASP.NET Scott Hanselman, Damian Edwards 5/1/2015
Develop Modern Native Applications with Azure Active Directory 200 - Intermediate Vittorio Bertocci 5/1/2015
New OneDrive APIs for Developing Against OneDrive AND OneDrive for Business 300 - Experienced Daron Spektor, Ryan Gregg 5/1/2015
The "Project Spartan" Rendering Engine That Makes the Web Just Work Web Platform David Catuhe, David Rousset 5/1/2015
Use New Motion and Effects Features to Captivate Users and Truly Bring Your App to Life 300 - Experienced Nick Waggoner, Jeff Stall 5/1/2015
What's New in C# 6 and Visual Basic 14 .NET, C# Dustin Campbell, Mads Torgersen 5/1/2015
Building Big Data Applications Using Azure HDInsight Service 200 - Intermediate Tim Benroeck, Asad Khan 5/1/2015
Building Office Add-ins using Node.JS 300 - Experienced Andrew Connell, Jeremy Thake 5/1/2015
Connecting to OneNote in the Cloud with Office 365 APIs iOS, Office Add-ins, Android, Office 365 APIs Gareth Jones 5/1/2015
Cortana and Speech Platform In Depth Cortana Adina Trufinescu, Khuram Shahid 5/1/2015
Debugging Performance Issues Using Visual Studio 2015 Visual Studio Andrew Hall, Angelos Petropoulos 5/1/2015
Deploying and Managing Services with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric 200 - Intermediate Chacko Daniel, Matthew Snider 5/1/2015
Developing 3D Printing Apps and Services in Windows 10 200 - Intermediate Emmett Lalish, Steve Olsson 5/1/2015
Getting Started with Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Apache Cordova iOS, Store, Visual Studio, Web Platform, Android, JavaScript, TypeScript, Mobile Development, Cross-Platform Development Polita Paulus 5/1/2015
Go Mobile! Login, Sync Data, and Connect to Enterprise APIs with Azure App Service .NET, iOS, Visual Studio, Web Platform, Android, Enterprise, Node.js, C#, Mobile Development Kirill Gavrylyuk, Donna Malayeri 5/1/2015
JavaScript Frameworks in Your Apps and Sites from WinJS and Beyond Open Source, Web Platform, JavaScript Chris Anderson, Kevin Hill 5/1/2015
Screen Casting: Develop Multi-Screen Universal Windows Apps Using Casting Technologies Media Steven Wilssens 5/1/2015
Windows for Makers: Raspberry Pi 2, Arduino and More IoT, Internet of Things Steve Teixeira 5/1/2015
Microsoft Edge 200 - Intermediate Seth Juarez, Sean Lyndersay, Charles Morris 5/1/2015
Azure API Apps for Web, Mobile and Logic Apps .NET, Web Platform, C#, Mobile Development Wade Wegner 5/1/2015
Building Resilient, Scalable Services with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric 200 - Intermediate Mark Fussell, Vipul Modi 5/1/2015
Deep Dive into XAML and .NET Universal Windows App Development 200 - Intermediate Unni Ravindranathan 5/1/2015
Gaining Real-Time IoT Insights using Azure Stream Analytics, AzureML and PowerBI 200 - Intermediate Richard McCormack, Clemens Szyperski, Todd Van Nurden, Dipanjan Banik, Bryan Hollar 5/1/2015
Harness the Full Power of Digital Inking in Your Universal Windows App with Ink Recognition, Advanced Ink Processing, and More Input Francis Zhou, Xiao Tu 5/1/2015
Managing Cloud Environment and Application Lifecycle Using Azure Tools and Visual Studio Online DevOps, Visual Studio Online Claude Remillard, Boris Scholl 5/1/2015
Office 365 and Azure: A Developer's Guide for Maximizing the Cloud 200 - Intermediate Richard diZerega, Dorrene Brown 5/1/2015
Optimizing Windows Apps for Continuum 200 - Intermediate Liz Threlkeld, Keri Moran, Gino Sega 5/1/2015
Store: Deep Dive on Publishing Universal Windows Apps Store Jonathan Garrigues, Matthew Cowan, Ted Driggs 5/1/2015
Windows Containers: What, Why and How 200 - Intermediate Taylor Brown, Mathew John 5/1/2015
XAML Performance: Techniques for Maximizing Universal Windows App Experiences Built with XAML XAML/UX Mark Alcazar, Kiran Kumar 5/1/2015
iOS and Android Apps with Office 365 iOS, Open Source, Android, Mobile Development, Office 365 APIs, Cross-Platform Development Todd Baginski, Joshua Gavant 5/1/2015
“PROJECT ASTORIA“: Build Great Windows Apps with Your Android Code 200 - Intermediate Rajesh Sundaram, John Justice 5/1/2015
Innovation in C++ Code Generation 200 - Intermediate 4/30/2015
ANGLE: Running OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphics Code on Windows Graphics, Game Development, Cross-Platform Development Tony Balogh, Alison Stroll 4/30/2015
App Packaging and Deployment for Universal Windows Apps App Model Barclay Hill, Jason Salameh 4/30/2015
Build an Add-in for, Outlook and Office 365 that Reaches Over 400 Million Users 300 - Experienced Andrew Salamatov 4/30/2015
Building Data Analytics Pipelines Using Azure Data Factory, HDInsight, Azure ML and More 200 - Intermediate Mike Flasko 4/30/2015
Cortana Extensibility in Universal Windows Apps IoT, Cortana, Internet of Things Michael Calcagno, Rob Chambers, Bo Yan, Marcus Ash, Paul Bloom, Ed Doran, Ali Emami 4/30/2015
Deep Dive into the Office 365 Groups REST API 300 - Experienced Yina Arenas, Rohit Nagarmal 4/30/2015
Entity Framework 7: Data for Web, Phone, Store, and Desktop 200 - Intermediate Rowan Miller 4/30/2015
Introducing ASP.NET 5 ASP.NET Scott Hanselman, Scott Hunter 4/30/2015
Project Centennial": Converting your Classic Windows App (Win32, .Net, COM) to a Universal Windows App for Distribution in the Windows Store Store, App Model John Sheehan, David Tepper 4/30/2015
Single Sign-On with Secure Authentication Enterprise, Security Karanbir Singh 4/30/2015
Thinking in Containers: Building a Scalable, Next-Gen Application with Docker on Azure 200 - Intermediate Tom Hauburger 4/30/2015
Visual Studio Code: A Deep Dive on the Redefined Code Editor for OS X, Linux and Windows .NET, TypeScript, Node.js, Cross-Platform Development Erich Gamma, Chris Dias, John Papa 4/30/2015
What's New for Azure Developers in Visual Studio and Azure SDK .NET, Visual Studio Mike Morton 4/30/2015
Ask Anders Anything .NET Anders Hejlsberg, Seth Juarez 4/30/2015
Advanced DirectX12 Graphics and Performance Graphics, Game Development Max McMullen 4/30/2015
Advanced deployment strategies for Azure Web Apps using Resource Manager templates 200 - Intermediate David Ebbo 4/30/2015
Building Highly Scalable and Available SaaS Applications with Azure SQL Database 200 - Intermediate Bill Gibson, Torsten Grabs 4/30/2015
Building Rich, Contextually Aware Universal Windows Apps Using Sensors 200 - Intermediate Rinku Sreedhar, Lisa Ong 4/30/2015
Building Solutions with Office Graph 300 - Experienced Helge Solheim, Jon Meling 4/30/2015
Compiling Objective-C Using the Visual Studio 2015 C++ Code Generation that Builds Windows, SQL, .Net, and Office iOS, C++, Visual Studio Salmaan Ahmed, Jim Radigan 4/30/2015
From the Small Screen to the Big Screen: Building Universal Windows App Experiences with XAML XAML/UX Harini Kannan, Tim Heuer 4/30/2015
Introducing DirectInk: Learn How to Unlock New Opportunities Using Ink in Your App Input Sriram Subramanian, Jianfeng Lin 4/30/2015
Modern Web Tooling in Visual Studio 2015 200 - Intermediate Mads Kristensen 4/30/2015
Nano Server: A Cloud Optimized Windows Server for Developers 200 - Intermediate Andrew Mason, Jeffrey Snover 4/30/2015
Taking .NET Cross-Platform: Building .NET Applications on Linux and Mac .NET, Cross-Platform Development Habib Heydarian 4/30/2015
User Data: Working with Contacts, Appointments, Text Messages and More on Windows 10 App Model Tony Pendolino, Adam Wilson 4/30/2015
Using Git in Visual Studio Visual Studio Martin Woodward, Phil Haack 4/30/2015
Internet of Things Show Live 200 - Intermediate 4/30/2015
Windows 10 Platform 200 - Intermediate 4/30/2015
Developing for HoloLens 200 - Intermediate Seth Juarez, Alex Kipman 4/30/2015
All That is New in the Windows Store Store Ashish Babbar, Adrian Maziak 4/30/2015
Azure Resource Manager 200 - Intermediate Ryan Jones 4/30/2015
Bring Fluid, Responsive, and Highly Scalable UI Experiences to Your Universal Windows Apps with the New Visual Layer XAML/UX James Clarke 4/30/2015
Enterprise Data Protection: Building Universal Windows Apps That Keep Work and Personal Data Separate and Secure Enterprise, Security Derek Adam 4/30/2015
Hosted Web Apps and Web Platform Innovations Web Platform, Cross-Platform Development Jeffrey Burtoft, Kiril Seksenov 4/30/2015
Integrating Web Apps with Office 365 .NET, Office, Web Platform, Office Add-ins, App Model, JavaScript, Office 365, C#, Office 365 APIs Todd Baginski, Dorrene Brown 4/30/2015
Lessons From Scale: Building Applications for Azure 200 - Intermediate Mark Russinovich 4/30/2015
Modern Data on Azure 200 - Intermediate Tracy Daugherty, Lance Olson, Shawn Bice 4/30/2015
Money, Fame, and Flexibility: New Extensibility for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online Sam Harwell, Tarek Madkour, Will Smythe 4/30/2015
Supercharging Your Custom Solutions with the Office 365 Unified API Endpoint Office 365 APIs Yina Arenas 4/30/2015
Surface Hub: Building Windows Universal Apps for Surface Hub and the Large Screen XAML/UX Roberto Sonnino, James Fiduccia, Eric Flo 4/30/2015
The Future of TypeScript: ECMAScript 6, Async/Await and Richer Libraries TypeScript Anders Hejlsberg, Miško Hevery, Brad Green 4/30/2015
Using Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online, and SonarQube to Understand and Prevent Technical Debt .NET, Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online Olivier Gaudin, Stuart Kent 4/30/2015
The Windows 10 Story Windows Mary Jo Foley, John Shewchuk, Steven Guggenheimer 4/30/2015
Channel 9 Live - After the Keynote Scott Hanselman, Donovan Brown, Seth Juarez 4/30/2015
Day 2 Keynote Presentation Keynote David Treadwell, Steve Guggenheimer, Joseph Sirosh, Kevin Gallo, John Shewchuk 4/30/2015
"Project Spartan": Introducing the New Browser and Web App Platform for Windows 10 Web Platform Sean Lyndersay, Charles Morris 4/30/2015
Building Universal Windows Games with Unity Graphics, Game Development, Cross-Platform Development Jaime Rodriguez, Adam Tuliper 4/30/2015
Building and Monetizing Applications through Microsoft Azure Marketplace 200 - Intermediate Karandeep Anand, Chris Shaw 4/30/2015
Debugger Tips and Tricks for .NET Developers with Visual Studio 2015 .NET, Visual Studio, Diagnostics Andrew Hall 4/30/2015
Design: UX Patterns and Responsive Techniques for Universal Windows Apps Design, XAML/UX Jeff Arnold, Carmen Zlateff 4/30/2015
Extending Custom Solutions with Excel, PowerPoint, and Word Add-ins 300 - Experienced Tristan Davis, Rolando Jimenez Salgado 4/30/2015
Internet of Things Overview IoT, Internet of Things, Cross-Platform Development Steve Teixeira, Sam George 4/30/2015
Introduction and What’s New in Azure IaaS 200 - Intermediate Corey Sanders, Bryon Surace 4/30/2015
Managing Mobile Devices and Applications in an Enterprise Enterprise, Security Janani Vasudevan 4/30/2015
Python and Node.js: Microsoft’s Best Kept Secrets Python, Node.js Steve Dower 4/30/2015
Surviving Success: Architecting Web Sites and Services for Rapid Growth 200 - Intermediate Mark Simms, Mark Souza 4/30/2015
What's New for Build Automation in Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online DevOps, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online Chris Patterson 4/30/2015
C# 6, VB14, and all Things Roslyn .NET Dustin Campbell, Seth Juarez, Mads Torgersen 4/29/2015
A Lap Around .NET 2015 .NET Jay Schmelzer 4/29/2015
A Studio in the Palm of Your Hand: Developing Audio and Video Creation Apps for Windows 10 Media Daniele Bosa, David Lorenzin, Jason Olson, Bala Sivakumar 4/29/2015
Cross-Platform Continuous Delivery with Release Management to Embrace DevOps DevOps, Visual Studio, Cross-Platform Development Donovan Brown 4/29/2015
Data Binding: Boost Your Apps' Performance Through New Enhancements to XAML Data Binding XAML/UX Sam Spencer, Chipalo Street 4/29/2015
Game Developers: Get the Most Out of Windows 10 Graphics, Game Development Jaime Rodriguez, Brian Peek 4/29/2015
Get Your Hands Dirty with the Office 365 APIs, Authentication and SDKs 400 - Advanced/Expert Rob Howard 4/29/2015
Leveraging Maps and Location Across Phone, Tablet, and PC in Your Windows Apps 200 - Intermediate Mike Ammerlaan, Rohan Thakkar 4/29/2015
Managing Azure Applications Using the New Azure Portal 200 - Intermediate Adam Abdelhamed, Michael Flanakin 4/29/2015
Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Architecture 200 - Intermediate Gopal Kakivaya 4/29/2015
Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello: Moving Beyond Passwords and Credential Theft Enterprise, Security Anoosh Saboori, Mike Stephens 4/29/2015
Overview of Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Office 365 iOS, Office, Visual Studio, Android, JavaScript, Mobile Development, Cross-Platform Development Richard diZerega 4/29/2015
Tried and True Practices for Transforming SharePoint Solutions to Cloud-Ready Solutions App Model, Office 365 Vesa Juvonen, Steve Walker 4/29/2015
Windows Design for Developers: Getting the Balance Right Design, XAML/UX Jonathan Wiedemann, Jeff Arnold, Karen Kesler, Albert Shum, Jeff Fong 4/29/2015
Meet the Visual Studio Code team .NET Erich Gamma, Seth Juarez, Chris Dias 4/29/2015
App Lifecycle: From Activation and Suspension to Background Execution and Multitasking in Universal Windows Apps App Model Shawn Henry, John Vintzel 4/29/2015
Azure Active Directory: Identity Management as a Service for Modern Applications 200 - Intermediate Stuart Kwan 4/29/2015
Azure App Service Architecture ASP.NET Scott Hanselman, Scott Hunter 4/29/2015
Azure IoT Security 200 - Intermediate Clemens Vasters, Dan Rosanova 4/29/2015
Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps in C++ with Visual Studio 2015 C++, Visual Studio, Mobile Development, Game Development, Cross-Platform Development Ankit Asthana 4/29/2015
DevOps as a Strategy for Business Agility DevOps, Application Insights, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online Ed Blankenship 4/29/2015
Developing Universal Windows Apps in Visual Studio 2015 Visual Studio Navit Saxena 4/29/2015
Harnessing the Full Power of Input in Universal Windows Apps Input, Windows Reed Townsend, Kyle Beck 4/29/2015
Introducing Win2D: DirectX-Powered Drawing in C# Open Source, Graphics, C# Simon Tao 4/29/2015
Office Development Matters, and Here's Why... 200 - Intermediate Rob Lefferts, Jeremy Thake 4/29/2015
Running Web and Mobile Apps on Azure App Service 200 - Intermediate Yochay Kiriaty, Nir Mashkowski 4/29/2015
What's New in XAML for Universal Windows Apps XAML/UX Joe Stegman 4/29/2015
What’s New in F12 for "Project Spartan" Web Platform, Diagnostics Andy Sterland 4/29/2015
XAML Jeff Arnold, Seth Juarez, Harini Kannan, Carmen Zlateff, Tim Heuer 4/29/2015
Universal Windows Platform 200 - Intermediate Brent Rector, Peter Torr 4/29/2015
All Things Azure 200 - Intermediate Mark Russinovich, Seth Juarez 4/29/2015
"Project Oxford": Adding Smart to Your Applications 200 - Intermediate Ryan Galgon, Harry Shum 4/29/2015
AllJoyn: Building Universal Windows Apps that Discover, Connect, and Interact with Other Devices and Cloud Services Using AllJoyn IoT, Internet of Things Brian Rockwell, Gavin Gear 4/29/2015
Best Practices for Creating IoT Solutions with Azure 200 - Intermediate Kevin Miller 4/29/2015
Building Accessible Universal Windows Apps 200 - Intermediate Chris Anderson, Brett Humphrey 4/29/2015
Building Network Aware Applications Using Azure Resource Provider (RP) 200 - Intermediate Yousef Khalidi, Stephen Malone 4/29/2015
Diagnosing Issues with Cloud Applications Hosted in Azure IaaS and PaaS Using Visual Studio Visual Studio, Diagnostics Boris Scholl 4/29/2015
Introducing the Windows 10 App Model App Model Andrew Clinick, Matt Hidinger, Akhil Kaza 4/29/2015
Maximize Your Coding Productivity for Apps, Devices, and Services with Visual Studio 2015 Visual Studio Mark Wilson-Thomas 4/29/2015
Microsoft Band: Developing for Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health iOS, IoT, Visual Studio, Android, Internet of Things, Mobile Development, Cross-Platform Development Tony Andrews, Ali Alvi 4/29/2015
On the Shoulders of Giants: Building Apps that Consume Modern SaaS Endpoints with Visual Studio 2015 .NET, Visual Studio Dave Carroll, Steve Lasker 4/29/2015
Strategies for Developing Cross-Platform Applications with Visual Studio 2015 iOS, Visual Studio, Android, Cross-Platform Development Amanda Silver 4/29/2015
The Next Generation of Azure Compute Platform with Mark Russinovich 300 - Experienced Mark Russinovich 4/29/2015
Windows + Open Source Software Open Source Usman Anwer, Yosef Durr 4/29/2015
Chatting with Snover 200 - Intermediate Seth Juarez, Jeffrey Snover 4/29/2015
Day One Keynote Presentation Keynote Scott Guthrie, Terry Myerson, Satya Nadella 4/29/2015
Abiola from Gamsole Abiola Onaliran, Seth Juarez 4/29/2015
Azure Resource Manager Seth Juarez, Corey Sanders 4/29/2015
Azure Storage Performance, Scalability and Security 200 - Intermediate Jeff Irwin 4/29/2015
Be Even More Productive with Visual C++ 2015 IDE Tips and Tricks! C++, Visual Studio Gabriel Ha 4/29/2015
Building Apps for USB Accessories 300 - Experienced Arvind Aiyar, George Roussos 4/29/2015
Building C++ Universal Apps with Visual Studio 2015 C++, UWP, Visual Studio Raman Sharma 4/29/2015
Building Faster, More Capable Cloud-Powered Apps in Windows 10 200 - Intermediate Michael Bishop, Sidharth Nabar, Himadri Sarkar 4/29/2015
Connecting Your Devices to the Azure IoT Suite 200 - Intermediate Elio Damaggio 4/29/2015
Cross-Platform Localization with the Multilingual App Toolkit 200 - Intermediate Cameron Lerum 4/29/2015
Deep Dive into Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Reliable Actors Azure Claudio Caldato 4/29/2015
Designing and Sizing a Global Scale Telemetry Platform on Azure Event Hubs 200 - Intermediate Dan Rosanova 4/29/2015
Discovering Windows 10 Devices Over Wi-Fi: DNS-SD API 300 - Experienced Jay Mahendru 4/29/2015
Display Scaling: What It Is and What You Need to Know About it to Have Great Visuals 200 - Intermediate Steve Wright 4/29/2015
Getting Your Apps Connected with Networking APIs 200 - Intermediate Lillian Tseng 4/29/2015
HTTP/2 in Windows 10: Browser, Apps and Web Server 300 - Experienced Rob Trace 4/29/2015
Hacking Augmented Reality with Kinect 300 - Experienced Andy Wilson, Ben Lower 4/29/2015
Localize Windows Apps Using the Multilingual App Toolkit 200 - Intermediate Cameron Lerum 4/29/2015
Memory and CPU Policy in Windows 10 300 - Experienced Andrew Whitechapel 4/29/2015
Modern Web Tooling Mads Kristensen, Seth Juarez 4/29/2015
More Engaged Mobile App Users with Azure Mobile Engagement Azure Karl Piteira 4/29/2015
Movie Creator and Video Turner 4/29/2015
New Tools from Microsoft Advertising to Help App Developers Grow Audience and Revenue 200 - Intermediate Vijay Rajagopalan, Trevor Yeats, Pooja Dave 4/29/2015
Next Generation Hotspots: Windows 10 & Hotspot 2.0 wifi Jay Mahendru 4/29/2015
Office 365 What's New Seth Juarez, Rob Lefferts, Jeremy Thake 4/29/2015
Optimizing Your Build-Time Using Visual C++ 2015 C++, Visual Studio Sridhar Madhugiri, Ankit Asthana 4/29/2015
Outside of the Box 4/29/2015
Printing: Developing Apps That Print in Windows 10 200 - Intermediate Justin Hutchings 4/29/2015
Secure Access to Enterprise Networks and VPN Platform Enhancements 300 - Experienced Abhishek Tiwari, Aman Arneja 4/29/2015
The Microsoft Affiliate Program 200 - Intermediate Saher Hirji 4/29/2015
Universal Commanding and Navigation in Your XAML XAML, UI Micah Lewis 4/29/2015
What Can Azure Do for Android and iOS? 200 - Intermediate Chris Risner 4/29/2015
Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Direct Services API 300 - Experienced Yatharth Gupta 4/29/2015
Writing Visual Studio Extensions: Tips and Tricks to Get Started 300 - Experienced Hemchander Sannidhanam 4/29/2015
Young Coders Seth Juarez 4/29/2015