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What Tags Who When
0xBADC0DE Jens Weller 9/8/2014
A CTO's guide to Modern C++ Matt Hargett 9/8/2014
A Deep Dive into 2 Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Written in C++ Steven Kabbes, Tony Grue 9/8/2014
A Quick Tour of C++14 Alisdair Meredith 9/8/2014
Accept No Visitors Yuriy Solodkyy 9/8/2014
Adventures In Updating a Vintage Codebase Billy Baker 9/8/2014
An Overview of C++11/14, Part I Leor Zolman 9/8/2014
An Overview of C++11/14, Part II Leor Zolman 9/8/2014
Async sequences and algorithms to compose them Kirk Shoop 9/8/2014
Asynchronous Computation in C++ Hartmut Kaiser 9/8/2014
Back to the Basics! Essentials of Modern C++ Style Herb Sutter 9/8/2014
Boost.Asio and Boost.Serialization: Designs For Object Transmission, Part I Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach 9/8/2014
Boost.Asio and Boost.Serialization: Designs for Object Transmission, Part II Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach 9/8/2014
Boost: a Bridge from C++98 to C++11; An introduction to using Boost Rachel Cheng, Michael VanLoon 9/8/2014
C++ Memory Model Meets High-Update-Rate Data Structures Paul E. McKenney 9/8/2014
C++ On Mars: Incorporating C++ Into Mars Rover Flight Software mark Maimone 9/8/2014
C++ Test-Driven Development: Unit Testing, Coed Assistance and Refractoring Peter Sommerlad 9/8/2014
C++ in Huge AAA Games Nicolas Fleury 9/8/2014
C++11 in the Wild: Techniques from a Real Codebase arthur o'dwyer 9/8/2014
Common-sense Acceleration of Your MLOC Build Matt Hargett 9/8/2014
Connecting C++ and JavaScript on the Web with Embind 9/8/2014
Costless Software Abstractions for Parallel Architectures Joel Falcou 9/8/2014
Creating Coding with C++ Andrew Bell 9/8/2014
Data-Oriented Design and C++ Mike Acton 9/8/2014
Decomposing a Problem for Parallel Execution Pablo Halpern 9/8/2014
Defensive Programming Done Right, Part I John Lakos 9/8/2014
Defensive Programming Done Right, Part II John Lakos 9/8/2014
Efficiency with Algorithms, Performance with Data Structures Chandler Carruth 9/8/2014
Embarcadero Case Study: Bringing CLANG/LLVM To Windows John Thomas 9/8/2014
Emscripten and AMS.js: C++'s Role in the Modern Web Alon Zakai 9/8/2014
Exception-Safe Code, Part I Jon Kalb 9/8/2014
Exception-Safe Code, Part II Jon Kalb 9/8/2014
Exception-Safe Code, Part III Jon Kalb 9/8/2014
Founding C++ User Groups Jens Weller, Jon Kalb 9/8/2014
GPU/Accelarator Programming with OpenMP 4.0: Yet Another Significant Parallel Shift in High-Level Parallel Computing Michael Wong 9/8/2014
Gamgee: A C++14 library for genomics data processing and analysis Mauricio Carneiro 9/8/2014
Generic Programming with Concepts Lite, Part I Andrew Sutton 9/8/2014
Generic Programming with Concepts Lite, Part II Andrew Sutton 9/8/2014
Grill the Committee Pablo Halpern, Marchall Clow, Howard Hinnant, Herb Sutter, Michael Wong, John Lakos, Alisdair Meredith, stefanus Du Toit, Walter E. Brown, Chandler Carruth 9/8/2014
Hardening Your Code Marshall Clow 9/8/2014
Hourglass Interfaces for C++ APIs stefanus Du Toit 9/8/2014
How HHVM Uses Modern C++ for Fun and Profit (Literally) Drew Paroski 9/8/2014
How Ubisoft Develops Games for Multicore - Before and After C++11 Jeff Preshing 9/8/2014
How You Can Make a Boost C++ Library Robert Ramey 9/8/2014
How to Call C Libraries from C++ Lisa Lippincott 9/8/2014
Implementing Wire Protocols with Boost Fusion Thomas Rodgers 9/8/2014
Introduction to C++ AMP (GPGPU Computing) Marc Gregoire 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks Software Transaction Memory, For Reals Brett Hall 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks The Perils of Strict Aliasing Andrew Webber 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Anatomy of A Smart Pointer Michael VanLoon 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Assertions of Competence Michael VanLoon 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Boostache Michael Caisse 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: C++ Conferences Jens Weller 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: C++ Hardware Register Access Ken Smith 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: C++ Package Manager Boris Kolpackov 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: C++ Puzzlers Leor Zolman 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Convergent Evolution Karl Niu 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Cross Platform GUID Association with Types Vladimir Morozov 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Introduction to Undodb Julian Smith 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Less Code = More Software Peter Sommerlad 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: My Four Year Bug Kevin Carpenter 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Pimp my Log() Marc Eaddy 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Return Values Take A Closure Walk Martin Troxler 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Rolling Your Own Circuit Simulator Jeff Trull 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Test-Drive Performance Lenny Maiorani 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: The New Old Thing, Or Fun with Lambdas Jonathan Caves 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Wishful Thinking Roland Bock 9/8/2014
Lightning Talks: Writing A Python Interpreter for Fun & Profit Shy Shalom 9/8/2014
Lock-Free Programming (or, Juggling Razor Blades), Part I Herb Sutter 9/8/2014
Lock-Free Programming (or, Juggling Razor Blades), Part II Herb Sutter 9/8/2014
Lock-free by Example Tony Van Eerd 9/8/2014
Make Simple Tasks Simple! Bjarne Stroustrup 9/8/2014
Making Allocators Work, Part I Alisdair Meredith 9/8/2014
Making Allocators Work, Part II Alisdair Meredith 9/8/2014
Making C++ Code Beautiful James McNellis, Kate Gregory 9/8/2014
Meet the Authors Alex Allain, Kate Gregory, Scott Meyers, Herb Sutter, Michael Wong, John Lakos, Ade Miller, Peter Sommerlad, Chandler Carruth 9/8/2014
Meta Techniques: Heterogeneous Polymorphism and Fast Prototyping Marcelo Juchem 9/8/2014
Metaprogramming with Boost.Hana: Unifying Boost.Fusion and Boost.MPL Louis Dionne 9/8/2014
Microsoft w/ C++ to Deliver Office Across Different Platforms, Part I Tony Antoun, Igor Zaika 9/8/2014
Microsoft w/ C++ to Deliver Office Across Different Platforms, Part II Tony Antoun, Erik Schwiebert, Tomasz Kukielka 9/8/2014
Modern Template Metaprogramming: A Compendium, Part II walter brown 9/8/2014
Modernizing Legacy C++ Code James McNellis, Kate Gregory 9/8/2014
Multiplatform C++ Edourad Alligand 9/8/2014
ODB, Advanced Weapons and Tactics Boris Kolpackov 9/8/2014
Optimization Tips: Mo' Hustle Mo' Problems Andrei Alexandrescu 9/8/2014
Overview of Parallel Programming in C++ Pablo Halpern 9/8/2014
Parallelizing the Standard Algorithms Library Jared Hoberock 9/8/2014
Paying for Lunch: C++ in the ManyCore Age Herb Sutter 9/8/2014
Persisting C++ Classes in Relational Databases with ODB Boris Kolpackov 9/8/2014
Polymorphism With Unions Jason Lucas 9/8/2014
Practical Cross-Platform Mobile C++ Development at Dropbox Alex Allain, Andrew Twyman 9/8/2014
Practical Functional Programming in C++ Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach 9/8/2014
Practical Type Erasure Cheinan Marks 9/8/2014
Pragmatic Type Erasure: Solving OOP Problems w/ Elegant Design Pattern Zach Laine 9/8/2014
Pragmatic Unit Testing in C++ Matt Hargett 9/8/2014
Quick Game Development With C++11/C++14 Vittorio Romeo 9/8/2014
Rebuilding Boost Date-Time for C++11 Jeff Garland 9/8/2014
SQLPP11, An SQL Library Worthy of Modern C++ Roland Bock 9/8/2014
STL Features And Implementation Techniques Stephan Lavavej 9/8/2014
Sanitize your C++ code Kostya Serebryany 9/8/2014
Simulating the Universe Using Modern C++ Vincent Reverdy 9/8/2014
The Canonical Class Michael Caisse 9/8/2014
The Committee Experience Alisdair Meredith 9/8/2014
The Philosophy of Google's C++ Code Titus Winters 9/8/2014
Tme Implementation of Value Types Lawrence Crowl 9/8/2014
Type Deduction and Why You Care Scott Meyers 9/8/2014
Types Don't Know # Howard Hinnant 9/8/2014
UI prototyping and development for multiple devices in C++ John Thomas 9/8/2014
Unicode in C++ James McNellis 9/8/2014
Using C++ on Mission and Safety Critical Platforms Bill Emshoff 9/8/2014
Using C++ to Connect to Web Services Steve Gates 9/8/2014
Viewing the World Through Array-Shaped Glasses Lukasz Mendakiewicz 9/8/2014
What did C++ do for Transactional Memory? Michael Wong 9/8/2014
What the Committee Did Next! Alisdair Meredith 9/8/2014
Where Did My Performance Go? (Scaling Visualization in Concurrent C++ Programs) Fedor Pikus 9/8/2014
Writing Data Parallel Algorithms on GPUs Ade Miller 9/8/2014
await 2.0: Stackless Resumable Functions Gor Nishanov 9/8/2014 Documenting C++ One Edit at a Time Nate Kohl 9/8/2014