Events: Redmond Interoperability Protocols Plugfest 2015


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What Tags Who When
Authentication & AD Protocol Family Test Suite Guoqing Li 6/22/2015
Authentication Protocol Q&A Michiko Short 6/22/2015
Azure File Service: "Net Use the Cloud" David goebel 6/22/2015
Decrypting SMB3 Protocol Obaid Farooqi 6/22/2015
Dynamic Access Control & AZOD (CBAC) File Access Scenario Yu Fan 6/22/2015
Exchange Protocols Overview: ActiveSync Andrew Davidoff 6/22/2015
Exchange REST APIs Rohit Nagarmal, Matthias Leibmann 6/22/2015
FSSHTTP: File Synchronization over HTTP Simon Clarke 6/22/2015
HyperV RSVD & SQOS Scenarios Yan Zeng 6/22/2015
Kerberos & Kile Test Scenarios Yuqing Zhao 6/22/2015
Linux Open Source Integration Michael Kelley 6/22/2015
MS-HVRS: HyperV SMB3 Protocol Requirements attilio mainetti, Senthil Rajaram 6/22/2015
MailSim: A tool that automates Outlook Andrew Davidoff, Pui Leung 6/22/2015
Message Analyzer paul long 6/22/2015
Microsoft Big Data Asad Khan 6/22/2015
Microsoft Cloud Foundations Elden Christensen 6/22/2015
Microsoft Redmond Plugfest 2015 Keynote Paul Lorimer 6/22/2015
O365 Developer Experience Rob Howard 6/22/2015
OData Overview Mike Pizzo 6/22/2015
Office Development: Keyur Patel 6/22/2015
Office Online Integration Tyler Butler 6/22/2015
Office Parsers Jingyu Shao 6/22/2015
Open Specification Support Tom Jebo 6/22/2015
Open Stack Continuous Integration Lab Peter pouliot 6/22/2015
Practical OData Mike Pizzo 6/22/2015
Protocol Landing Pages Michael Bowman, Jim Mauer 6/22/2015
Protocol Test Suite OSS Release Darryl welch 6/22/2015
Remote Shared Virtual Disk balaji-sekar 6/22/2015
SMB311 Protocol Family Test Suite Yu Fan 6/22/2015
SMB311 Protocols Updates Tom Talpey 6/22/2015
Skype for Business Protocols Jinlin Xu 6/22/2015
Software Defined Storage Claus Joergensen 6/22/2015
Storage Management Advances Hector Linares 6/22/2015
The Global Threat Landscape: vulnerability, malware, and attack trends examined Tim Rains 6/22/2015
The Next Evolution Step of Interoperability Julien Kerihuel 6/22/2015
Work folders BYOD andrew wallace 6/22/2015