Events: Tech·Ed Middle East 2009


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Identity & Access
Languages & Frameworks
Application Integration & Interoperability
Cloud Computing & Online Services
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Developer Tools
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A Foundation for Private Cloud: Microsoft's Dynamic Datacenter Toolkits Windows Client 3/1/2009
A Threat Management Gateway Deep Dive Security, Identity & Access Abhijat Kanade, Javier Salido 3/1/2009
A-Z of Usable Security in Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Security, Identity & Access David Cross, Jorgen Thelin, Donny Rose 3/1/2009
An Overview of the New Windows: Will It Be "Lucky Seven?" Windows Client Mark Russinovich 3/1/2009
Analysis with Microsoft PowerPivot (Code Name Gemini) Database Platform Donald Farmer, Daniel Yu 3/1/2009
Application Compatibility Remediation: The Dark Magic of Fixing Broken Applications Windows Client Christopher Jackson 3/1/2009
Biztalk 2009 Development Platform Overview Application Integration & Interoperability Dan Eshner, Rahul Garg 3/1/2009
Build Attractive Business Intelligence Dashboards, Pivots, Scorecards, KPIs, and Reports using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2 Database Platform Scott Ruble 3/1/2009
Building NextGen Scalable & Highly Available Architectures with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database Platform Mike Flasko, Myles Matheson, Rick Negrin 3/1/2009
Building RESTful Services with WCF Dirk Develter, Donald Hastie, Aaron Skonnard 3/1/2009
Combating Software Entropy with Design Patterns and Principals Architecture Darryl Chantry, Kevin Francis, Ralf Westphal, Ted Neward 3/1/2009
Cybercrime: Cloudy with a Chance of FEAR! Security, Identity & Access Mark Minasi, Mark Russinovich 3/1/2009
Cybercrime: Defence against the Dark Arts Security, Identity & Access David Cross, Yigal Edery, Angela Mills, Fred Delombaerde 3/1/2009
Developing Rich Applications with the ASP.NET Ajax Library Cloud Computing & Online Services 3/1/2009
Developing Rich, Compelling User Interfaces for Windows Mobile Rob Tiffany 3/1/2009
DirectAccess Technical Drilldown, Part 1 of 2: IPv6 and Transition Technologies Windows Client John Craddock, Troy Kirkland 3/1/2009
DirectAccess Technical Drilldown, Part 2 of 2: Putting It All Together Windows Client John Craddock 3/1/2009
Dynamic Infrastructure Toolkit for System Center: Building a Foundation for Private Cloud: DIT-SC Drilldown Windows Client 3/1/2009
Enabling Hosters to Implement a Dynamic Infrastructure: DDTK-H Drill Down Windows Client 3/1/2009
Enterprise Content Management in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Office & SharePoint Paul Holdaway, Ben Robb 3/1/2009
Finding Hidden Intelligence with Predictive Analytics of Data Mining Database Platform Teo Lachev 3/1/2009
From Zero to Live Migration. How to Set Up a Live Migration 3/1/2009
Introducing AppFabric: Moving .NET to the Cloud Application Integration & Interoperability Dirk Develter, Jian Sun 3/1/2009
Introduction to F# Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Craig Morrison, Eric Nelson 3/1/2009
Lap Around .NET 4 Architecture Roger Sessions, Miha Kralj, Joseph Albahari, Eduardo Kassner 3/1/2009
Lap Around ASP.NET 4 Cloud Computing & Online Services 3/1/2009
Launch Product Keynote Keynote 3/1/2009
MVC Ninja - ASP.NET MVC Basic to Advanced Architecture Jordan Knight, Richard Laxton, David Hill, Jim Wilt 3/1/2009
Microsoft Business Intelligence in Office Systems Office & SharePoint Reed Shaffner 3/1/2009
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010: The Next Generation Windows Client Mark Russinovich 3/1/2009
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 High Availability Unified Communications Chris Mayo, Andrew Ehrensing 3/1/2009
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging Unified Communications Scott Schnoll, Jamie Stark, Tim Carr 3/1/2009
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Upgrade and Coexistence with Exchange Server 2007 and 2003 Unified Communications Paul Duffy, Colin Lee, Andrew Ehrensing, Ilse Van Criekinge 3/1/2009
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Demo Power Hour Database Platform Chris Baldwin, Amit Shukla, Michael Wang, Mark Souza 3/1/2009
Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Connectivity Fundamentals Database Platform WeeHyong Tok 3/1/2009
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Introduction for Developers Office & SharePoint Ben Robb 3/1/2009
Monitoring UNIX/Linux with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 3/1/2009
Network Considerations for Deploying Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Unified Communications Mario D'Silva, Jamie Stark, Alan Shen 3/1/2009
New in C# and Visual Basic for 2010 Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Brian Harry 3/1/2009
No Developers? With xRM No Problem! Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Brian Harry, Sara Ford 3/1/2009
OCS14 Features Drilldown Unified Communications Albert Kooiman, Johann Kruse, Roger Lawrence, Adam Glick, Chris Mayo, Jon Rauschenberger 3/1/2009
Opening Keynote: Smart Software Everywhere: The Cloud, Server & Client Keynote 3/1/2009
Overview and What's New in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for IT Pros Office & SharePoint Jan Kalis, Christophe Fiessinger 3/1/2009
Protecting your Information in Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Windows Server 2008 R2 by using AD RMS Security, Identity & Access Nils Dussart, Vittorio Bertocci 3/1/2009
Prototyping the UX: Expression Blend + SketchFlow Cloud Computing & Online Services 3/1/2009
Search in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 - FAST Search Server Office & SharePoint Kimmo Forss 3/1/2009
Secure Remote Access with Unified Access Gateway and Direct Access Security, Identity & Access Joe Schulman, Fred Delombaerde, Paulina Januszkiewicz 3/1/2009
Security Best Practices for Hyper-V and Server Virtualisation 3/1/2009
SharePoint 2010 for Developers Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Scott Cate, Sara Ford 3/1/2009
SharePoint Social Networking and User Profiles for Business Office & SharePoint 3/1/2009
Ten Things You Should Know about Windows Server 2008 R2 Migration and Deployment Windows Client Jorke Odolphi, David Lowe 3/1/2009
The New World of SharePoint 2010 Architecture and Administration Office & SharePoint 3/1/2009
Thin, VDI, Blade, Thick, Optimized Desktop... What Do You Use? What Is Microsoft's Vision? Windows Client Christopher Jackson 3/1/2009
Top 10 DBA Worst Practices Database Platform David Robinson, Greg Low 3/1/2009
Top 10 Windows Deployment Service Common Issues and How to Resolve Them Windows Client Matt Ayers 3/1/2009
Understanding the Microsoft Forefront Stack Security, Identity & Access Neha Sharma, Joe Licari 3/1/2009
Upgrading to Microsoft SQL Server 2008... Done Right Database Platform Gopal Ashok, Jeremy Boyd, Richard Tkachuk 3/1/2009
Virtualisation 360: Microsoft Virtualisation Strategy, Products, and Solutions for the New Economy 3/1/2009
Watch your Endpoint, with Forefront Security Solutions Security, Identity & Access Vijay Gajjala, Tariq Sharif, Uri Lichtenfeld, Meir Mendelovich 3/1/2009
What's New In ASP.NET 4 for WebForms Developers Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Ian Griffiths, Brian Randell, John-Daniel Trask 3/1/2009
What's New for Developers in Windows Mobile 6.5 Anand Iyer 3/1/2009
What's New for Testing and Quality Assurance in VSTS 2010 Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Brian Keller 3/1/2009
What's New in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services Database Platform Donald Farmer, Kamal Hathi 3/1/2009
What's New in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager: SP1, R2, and R3 3/1/2009
What's New in Microsoft System Center Operation Manager 2007 R2 3/1/2009
What's New in Silverlight Cloud Computing & Online Services 3/1/2009
What's New in Visual Studio 2010 Developer Tools, Languages & Frameworks Roy Osherove, Adam Cogan 3/1/2009
What's New in Windows Communication Foundation and Workflow Foundation 4.0 Application Integration & Interoperability Jon Flanders, Chris Hewitt 3/1/2009
When Active Directory Goes Bad Windows Client Jorke Odolphi, Baldwin Ng 3/1/2009
Windows 7 Demo Mania Windows Client Michel Barnett 3/1/2009
Windows 7: The Power Management Workout! -- Green IT - Windows Client Johan Arwidmark 3/1/2009
Windows Azure Platform Overview Architecture David Chappell, Chris Auld, Cameron Skinner 3/1/2009
Windows Azure for Developers Cloud Computing & Online Services Damian Edwards 3/1/2009
Windows Internet Explorer 8 in the Enterprise: Build, Deploy, and Manage Better Experiences Windows Client Kyle Marsh 3/1/2009
Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory Improvements Windows Client Jeff Alexander, Corey Hynes, Xavier Pillons, Stu Fox 3/1/2009
xRM: A Faster Way To Build Business Applications Office & SharePoint Jeff Fried 3/1/2009