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DevDays ALM Preconf Improve the developer workflow ALM, preconf Dennis Doomen 4/29/2011
DevDays ALM Preconf Adopting Scrum ALM, preconf Rene van Osnabrugge 4/29/2011
A Lap Around Visual Studio 2010 Application Lifecycle Management Visual Studio 2010, ALM, Team Foundation Server 2010 Brian Keller 4/28/2011
Best Practices for Producing Best-in-class Installations 200 Ravi Mazumdar 4/28/2011
Code Like a Ninja: Enhance your Productivity with Visual Studio Visual Studio 2010 Chris Eargle 4/28/2011
Creating sites, Site Definitions, Web Templates and Custom Code SharePoint Mirjam Van Olst 4/28/2011
Database Migration Done Right SQL, SQL Server Dandy Weyn 4/28/2011
Developing Java based cloud solutions using Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse Azure, Cloud Bert Ertman 4/28/2011
Developing SaaS Solutions with the Windows Azure Platform Azure, Cloud Vittorio Bertocci 4/28/2011
How Smart Use Cases Can Drive Web Development Web, ALM Sander Hoogendoorn 4/28/2011
SharePoint 2010 en Fast SharePoint Bas Lijten 4/28/2011
SharePoint in de Cloud! SharePoint Wouter van Vugt 4/28/2011
Toegankelijk Bouwen – de ROI van Kwaliteit Web Jeroen Hulscher 4/28/2011
WCF Data Services Introductie - De Serverkant languages and tools Erno de Weerd 4/28/2011
Windows Phone 7: Fast Starting and State Saving Windows Phone 7 Applications Windows Phone 7 Maarten Struys 4/28/2011
Agile Project Management with Scrum and Team Foundation Server 2010 ALM, Team Foundation Server 2010 Neno Loje 4/28/2011
Application Performance on Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 7 Caspar Ruhe 4/28/2011
Breng de Wereld in Kaart met ESRI Silverlight, WPF Antoon Uijtdehaag 4/28/2011
Designing Windows Phone Applications met Expression Blend Windows Phone 7, expression blend Fons Sonnemans 4/28/2011
Extended Events comes of age in SQL Server Denali SQL, SQL Server Bob Beauchemin 4/28/2011
Introductie Code Contract Visual Studio 2010 Henk Holterman 4/28/2011
Introduction to Razor Web Alex Thissen 4/28/2011
LINQ Take Two - Realizing the LINQ to Everything Dream LINQ Bart De Smet 4/28/2011
Outloud: Send your Complains to the Cloud Windows Phone 7, Azure, Cloud Katrien De Graeve, Isabel Gomez MiraGaya 4/28/2011
Overview of forthcoming SQL-Azure Services, SQL Azure Data Sync and SQL Azure Reporting Azure, Cloud, SQL Server Marc Scurrell 4/28/2011
Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Building Killer Silverlight Applications Silverlight, Client, Desktop Jeff Prosise 4/28/2011
Ubiquitous Communication with the Windows Azure Service Bus Azure, Cloud Christian Weyer 4/28/2011
WCF Web APIs, HTTP your way Web Glenn Block 4/28/2011
Advanced Debugging with Visual Studio 2010 Visual Studio 2010 Ingo Rammer 4/28/2011
Applied Software Testing with Visual Studio 2010 Visual Studio 2010, ALM Brian Keller 4/28/2011
Automating Quality Assurance with Team Foundation Server 2010 ALM, Team Foundation Server 2010 Neno Loje 4/28/2011
Building RIA Applications with Silverlight, Blend and Visual Studio Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight Jason Beres 4/28/2011
Deep Dive into Microsoft Data Warehouse SQL, SQL Server Dandy Weyn 4/28/2011
Entity Framework 4 Tips en Tricks Entity Framework Alex van Beek 4/28/2011
HTML 5: De Praktische Introductie Web, HTML5 Christian Peeters 4/28/2011
Hoe kun je een Applicatie naar de Azure Cloud Migreren? Azure, Cloud Anko Duizer 4/28/2011
Leveraging Azure in Heterogeneous Environments Azure, Cloud Bert Ertman, Edwin van Wijk 4/28/2011
TFS Best Practices TFS Reporting: Garbage In - Garbage Out ALM, Team Foundation Server 2010 Rene van Osnabrugge 4/28/2011
WP7 voor .NET Developers: Van Idee naar Inkomen Windows Phone 7 Tom Verhoeff 4/28/2011
Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service: Deep Dive Azure, Cloud Vittorio Bertocci 4/28/2011
Windows Phone 7 Push Notifications Windows Phone 7 Matthijs Hoekstra 4/28/2011
Demystifying the .NET Asynchronous Programming Landscape .NET Bart De Smet 4/28/2011
I Used to be an ASP.NET Developer but my Job went to SharePoint SharePoint Adil Bouhouch, Mark Vriens 4/28/2011
Implementing M-V-VM (Model-View-View Model) for WPF WPF Phil Japikse 4/28/2011
Introductie Entity Framework Code First languages and tools Erik van Apeldoorn, Ronald Harmsen 4/28/2011
LightSwitch Advanced Development and Customization Techniques Visual Studio 2010, LightSwitch Beth Massi 4/28/2011
Real World Architecture with ASP.NET MVC Web Hadi Harriri 4/28/2011
Real World Windows Azure Development Tip & Tricks Azure, Cloud Wade Wegner 4/28/2011
SQL Server Performance: Query Plans SQL Menzo Steinhorst 4/28/2011
SharePoint Client Object Model SharePoint Wouter van Vugt 4/28/2011
Silverlight vs. HTML5: An Apples-to-Apples Comparision Silverlight, HTML5 Jeff Prosise 4/28/2011
Software Kwaliteit is Geen Grap! user experience, ALM Dennie Bastiaan 4/28/2011
Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus: Messaging, Pub/Sub, and Connectivity in and through the Cloud Azure, Cloud Clemens Vasters 4/28/2011
Windows Phone and XNA for Fun, Games, Profit and Physics Windows Phone 7 Rob Miles 4/28/2011
A Developer’s Tour Around Expression Blend expression blend, Silverlight Mike Taulty 4/28/2011
Declarative Refactoring in C# 300 Chris Eargle 4/28/2011
Fast Application Switching in Windows Phone 7 codename “Mango” Windows Phone 7 Ben Riga 4/28/2011
HTML 5 - That's What You Need to Know Today! Web, HTML5 Ingo Rammer 4/28/2011
Identity & Access Control in the Cloud Azure, Cloud Vittorio Bertocci 4/28/2011
Improving Legacy .NET Code .NET Thomas Huijer 4/28/2011
LAB Management in de Praktijk Visual Studio 2010, ALM Ewald Hofman 4/28/2011
Monitoring and Managing your Azure Solution Azure, Cloud Edwin van Wijk 4/28/2011
Parallelism, Asynchrony and Beyond .NET Krishnan Subramanian 4/28/2011
Programming Filestreams and RBS in SQL Server 2008 R2 SQL, SQL Server Bob Beauchemin 4/28/2011
Real World Azure: Elasticity from On-premise to Cloud (and Back) Azure, Cloud Christian Weyer 4/28/2011
SQL Server & Powershell SQL, SQL Server Robert Hartskeerl 4/28/2011
Using SharePoint Search to Develop Custom Solutions SharePoint Mirjam Van Olst 4/28/2011
From Zero to Business Application in 15 minutes LightSwitch, Geeknight Beth Massi 4/27/2011
Stepping into the Near Future of the IDE Geeknight, languages and tools Mark Miller 4/27/2011
Interactive Devices @ Microsoft (Future Interactions with Computers) Microsoft Research, Geeknight 4/27/2011
Windows Phone in Rhyme and 3D Windows Phone 7, Geeknight Rob Miles 4/27/2011
Coding for Fun with Scott Hanselman Geeknight, languages and tools Scott Hanselman 4/27/2011
AppFabric Caching On-premises and in the Cloud Azure, Cloud Wade Wegner 4/27/2011
Azure Diagnostics, Azure Service Management en Elasticity Azure, Cloud Riccardo Becker 4/27/2011
Behind the Scenes of 10 C# Language Features C# Bart De Smet 4/27/2011
Building Robust, Maintainable Coded UI Tests with Visual Studio 2010 Visual Studio 2010, ALM Brian Keller 4/27/2011
CQRS op Windows Azure Azure, Cloud Tijmen van de Kamp 4/27/2011
Debugging your Azure Applications Visual Studio 2010, Azure, Cloud, ALM Edwin van Wijk 4/27/2011
Kwalitatief Goede Software: Tools en Technieken Azure, ALM, languages and tools Ronald Harmsen, Thomas Huijer 4/27/2011
Mission-Critical SQLCLR – Internals and Best Practices SQL, SQL Server Bob Beauchemin 4/27/2011
REST, ROA, and Reach: Building Applications for Maximum Interoperability Azure, Cloud Scott Seely 4/27/2011
Test Driving ASP.NET MVC Web Phil Japikse 4/27/2011
Understanding the Windows Phone 7 Development Tools Windows Phone 7 Maarten Struys 4/27/2011
Visual Studio LightSwitch - Beyond the Basics lightswitch Visual Studio Beth Massi 4/27/2011
What's New in Silverlight 5 Silverlight, Web Jeff Prosise 4/27/2011
A Lap Around SQL Azure Azure, Cloud, SQL Server Marc Scurrell 4/27/2011
Intro to the Workflow Services and Windows Server AppFabric Azure, Cloud Matt Milner 4/27/2011
Introductie Code Contract Visual Studio 2010 Henk Holterman 4/27/2011
NuGet In Depth: Empowering Open Source on the .NET Platform Web Scott Hanselman 4/27/2011
Overzicht van Silverlight voor Windows Phone Toolkit Windows Phone 7, Silverlight Fons Sonnemans 4/27/2011
Produceer Betere Product Kwaliteit door Gebruik te Maken van de Ultimate Test Tools ALM Marcel de Vries 4/27/2011
SQL Server Reporting Services for Developers, Options and Challenges SQL, SQL Server Robert Bakker 4/27/2011
Sandboxed Solutions Deep Dive SharePoint Jan Tielens 4/27/2011
Science of Great UI User Experience Mark Miller 4/27/2011
SharePoint Deployment Automation met ROSS en R-1 SharePoint Guido van Tilburg 4/27/2011
Spatial Features in SQL Server "Denali" en het Gebruik ervan in Silverlight Silverlight, SQL, SQL Server Wim Ligtendag 4/27/2011
Speaking OData to SharePoint 2010 in a RESTful Manner odata, SharePoint Michaël Hompus 4/27/2011
Taking Control of your World with the .NET Micro Framework .NET Rob Miles 4/27/2011
De Locatie Centraal met Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 7 Marco Wagemakers 4/27/2011
Full text Search in SQL Server 2008 and Denali SQL, SQL Server Bob Beauchemin 4/27/2011
Green Code Required: Essential Application Development Practices for Efficient and Sustainable IT Azure, languages and tools Mark Aggar 4/27/2011
Introduction to Visual Studio Lightswitch lightswitch Visual Studio Beth Massi 4/27/2011
Performance Optimalisatie met de Task Parallel Library .NET Ronald Harmsen 4/27/2011
Reactive Extensions for .NET for the Rest of Us .NET Mike Taulty 4/27/2011
Rock Hard: C++ Evolving C++ Boris Jabes 4/27/2011
SharePoint Features en Solution Upgrading SharePoint Bram de Jager 4/27/2011
This Costs What? Estimating Costs in the Azure Cloud Azure, Cloud Scott Seely 4/27/2011
Unlocking the Secrets of REST with WCF Web Glenn Block 4/27/2011
Upgrading to SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server Denali SQL, SQL Server Dandy Weyn 4/27/2011
Usability in Practice: 10 Keys to a Better User Experience for XAML Based Applications Silverlight Jason Beres 4/27/2011
Windows Azure AppFabric: Building, Managing, and Connecting High-Density, Multi-Tenant Cloud Applications Azure, Cloud Clemens Vasters 4/27/2011
Apps voor het bedrijfsleven: een voorbeeld uit de praktijk van Achmea Silverlight, Client, Desktop Remco Hulshoff, Ad Reijngoudt 4/27/2011
Building a Custom Video Player with the Silverlight Media Framework for the Web, Desktop and Phone Silverlight Martin Tirion 4/27/2011
Entity Framework in de Praktijk .NET Pieter de Bruin 4/27/2011
Expression Blend voor Developers expression blend, Silverlight Timmy Kokke 4/27/2011
Het Bouwen van Enterprise Silverlight Applications met PRISM Silverlight, Web Alex van Beek 4/27/2011
MVC 3 – 101 Web, MVC, jQuery, ASP.NET Scott Hanselman 4/27/2011
OData Everywhere! SQL Matt Milner 4/27/2011
SharePoint Development for Developers SharePoint Jan Tielens 4/27/2011
What you as an ASP.NET Developer should know about jQuery Web Gill Cleeren 4/27/2011
What's New in SQL Server "Denali" for Developers SQL, SQL Server Paul van Wingerden 4/27/2011
What's New in Windows Azure Azure, Cloud Wade Wegner 4/27/2011
What’s Coming Next to the Windows Phone 7 codename “Mango” Application Platform Windows Phone 7 Ben Riga 4/27/2011
DevDays Keynote Azure, Keynote Scott Hanselman, Wade Wegner, Rob Miles, Ben Riga 4/27/2011
DevDays ALM Preconf Adopting Continuous integration ALM, preconf Ewald Hofman 4/27/2011
DevDays ALM Preconf Agile Testing ALM, preconf Marcel de Vries 4/27/2011