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Polling the world on the Microsoft Stack with Craig Kitterman Android, Web App, Windows Phone, Mobile Application, Cloud, Mobile, Web, iOS Cory Fowler, Craig Kitterman 10/19/2015
Update on TagHelpers with Taylor Mullen Web Development, ASP.NET, Cloud, HTML 5, HTML5 Cory Fowler 8/27/2015
Buy Domains Directly in Azure Web App Web Development, websites, Cloud Cory Fowler 7/23/2015
Documenting your APIs with Swagger featuring Richard Morris Cloud, websites, Web Development Cory Fowler 7/8/2015
Azure Web App DevOps Workflow with Daria Grigoriu & Galin Iliev Azure, Cloud, devops, Web Development Cory Fowler 5/12/2015
DevExpress maintains AjaxControlToolkit for ASP.NET WebForms Developers Ajax Control Toolkit, ASP.NET WebForms, aspnet Cory Fowler 4/30/2015
Side Projects and Community Contributions with Mads Kristensen Web Development, Extensions, Work Life, Visual Studio Cory Fowler, Mads Kristensen 4/17/2015
5 Things about ASP.NET 5 that will Blow your Mind! Website, aspnet Cory Fowler 4/3/2015
Virtual Networks and Hybrid Connections Hybrid Cloud Options Wordpress, websites, Azure, SQL Cory Fowler 3/27/2015
A Peek of the PHP Ecosystem Today Azure, PHP, Web Development Cory Fowler 3/13/2015
Diagnose and Debug your applications in depth with the Support Portal ASP.NET, Cloud, PHP, Web Development Cory Fowler, Yochay Kiriaty 3/1/2015
New Developments in the Vagrant Azure Plugin Virtualization, Ruby Cory Fowler 2/18/2015
Scalable WordPress on Azure Websites Azure, Cloud, PHP, Blogging, Wordpress, websites Cory Fowler, Yochay Kiriaty 2/9/2015
Offline Web Based Data Storage with Cloud Sync using Angular Cloud Data Connector (ACDC) JavaScript, Cloud, Mobile, Web Development Cory Fowler 1/15/2015
Testing in Production with Jaime Espinosa Testing, websites, Azure, Cloud Cory Fowler 1/8/2015
Modern Web Development Tools in Visual Studio 2015 with Mads Kristensen Visual Studio, Web, JavaScript, aspnet, Cloud Cory Fowler, Mads Kristensen 12/16/2014
Building Apps for Office with AngularJS Cloud, Microsoft Office, JavaScript, websites Cory Fowler 12/11/2014
Create your own Domain Specific Language in ASP.NET with TagHelpers Web Development, ASP.NET, Cloud, domain-specific language Cory Fowler 12/2/2014
AngularJS Module for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication Authentication, Azure, Cloud Cory Fowler, Vittorio Bertocci 10/28/2014
WebJobs GA Series Episode 1: WebJobs Tooling with Brady Gaster websites, Azure, Cloud Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster, emiller 10/21/2014
Fixing "Works on my Machine" with Vagrant Virtualization, Web Cory Fowler 10/7/2014
Enabling Testing in Production in Azure Websites Azure, PowerShell, websites Cory Fowler 9/9/2014
ASP.NET vNext with Chris Ross .NET, ASP.NET Cory Fowler 8/13/2014
IE Double Take - Status and DevChannel on HTML5, JavaScript, ecmascript, TypeScript, Internet Explorer Cory Fowler 8/11/2014
A Quick Look at WinJS JavaScript, MSBuild, TypeScript, HTML Olivier Bloch, Cory Fowler 7/28/2014
Introducing WebJobs Tooling for Visual Studio with Brady Gaster Azure Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 7/18/2014
Surfacing your HTTP APIs with API Management API, Azure Cory Fowler, Josh Twist 7/9/2014
A look around the Redis Cache Preview with Saurabh Pant Azure, Cache, ASP.NET Cory Fowler 6/12/2014
From the ground up: Building the Microsoft Azure Preview Portal JavaScript, Azure, HTML5 Cory Fowler 5/28/2014
Web Site Web Jobs with Jaime Espinosa Azure Cory Fowler 3/29/2014
Introducing the newest "dots" in ASP.NET with Daniel Roth asp .net, API, ASP.NET MVC Cory Fowler 3/6/2014
Making Your Jobs Easier With Windows Azure WebJobs SDK ASP.NET, Azure, Windows Azure Cory Fowler 2/24/2014
Building Windows 8 Applications with HTML5 and Web App Template JavaScript, Windows 8, CSS, HTML5 Cory Fowler, Jeff Burtoft 2/17/2014
HTML Going Mobile with Apache Cordova Apache Cordova Cory Fowler, "The Jaffe" 2/11/2014
Windows Azure Web Sites Private Site Extensions Extensions, IIS Cory Fowler, "The Jaffe" 1/21/2014
Decoupling Large Applications with the Service Gateway websites, Cloud Services, Windows Azure, Azure Cory Fowler, "The Jaffe" 11/27/2013
Special Movember Episode - ASP.NET Authentication using ASP.NET Identity ASP.NET, Identity, Security, Authentication Cory Fowler, "The Jaffe" 11/11/2013
Securing ASP.NET Web APIs ASP.NET, Debugging, Visual Studio, Windows Azure, API, Azure, OAuth, Remote Cory Fowler, "The Jaffe" 10/28/2013
Learn about the Performance Improvements in PHP on Windows from Pierre Joye and Stephen Zarkos PHP on Windows, PHP Cory Fowler, "The Jaffe" 10/16/2013
Bootstrap yourself on Boostrap with Pranav Rastogi Cory Fowler, "The Jaffe", Haishi Bai 10/3/2013
Get your message out with Windows Azure Notification Hubs feat. Elio Damaggio Azure Cory Fowler, "The Jaffe" 9/3/2013
Building Mobile Applications using HTML5 with Nomad for Visual Studio HTML5, Mobile Cory Fowler, "The Jaffe" 8/12/2013
New Features in Visual Studio 2013 for Web Developers ASP.NET, Azure, Windows Azure, Visual Studio 2013 Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 7/23/2013
Microsoft Open Technologies on Windows Azure Web Sites Azure, websites, Windows Azure Olivier Bloch, Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 5/29/2013
The Katana Project - OWIN for ASP.NET ASP.NET, SignalR Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 5/24/2013
Kentico CMS with Thomas Robbins Azure, CMS, websites, Cloud Services, Windows Azure Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 5/13/2013
Ruby on Windows Azure, Web Sites Streaming Logs, and Brady Impersonates Elvis PowerShell, Ruby Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 5/6/2013
Rickard Hansson Introduces Incentive Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 4/9/2013
Vishal Joshi Introduces WebMatrix 3 WebMatrix Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 4/1/2013
ASP.NET Web API and CORS Support ASP.NET Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 3/25/2013
SPA Party with John Papa Ajax, HTML5, Visual Studio John Papa, Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 3/18/2013
Wrapping Up the Web API Tour with Yao Huang Lin ASP.NET, API Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 3/11/2013
The Glimpse Team on Channel 9 ASP.NET Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 3/4/2013
Benjamin Soulier Logs Into a Web Site Using a Bar Code and Windows Phone Windows Phone, ACS, SignalR Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 2/25/2013
RaghuRam Takes a Second Lap Around ASP.NET Web API and OData ASP.NET 4 Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 2/18/2013
ASP.NET Web API Queryable with OData ASP.NET, API, Odata Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 2/12/2013
What's Coming in the Command Line Tools for Windows Azure with Glenn Block PowerShell, Azure, Windows Azure Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 2/4/2013
Facebook Apps with New ASP.NET Template ASP.NET, Facebook, facebook .net sdk Erik Porter, Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 1/30/2013
New ASP.NET MVC Templates, More CLI Goodness, and WheresMy8 ASP.NET Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 1/21/2013
Bringing Windows Azure Services to the Private Cloud with Ryan Jones Azure, Windows Server 2012 Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 12/3/2012
What's New in Web Publishing ASP.NET Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 11/19/2012
Integrating Windows Azure Web Sites with an On-Premises Database Community Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 11/11/2012
Speaking With Joe Brinkman from DotNetNuke .NET, Azure, DotNetNuke Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 10/22/2012
.NET Framework 4.5 Support in Windows Azure Web Sites Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 10/15/2012
Glenn Block's Return to Redmond Azure, Open Source, Windows Azure Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 10/8/2012
Announcing Windows Azure Web Sites Shared Plan, CodePlex, and GitHub git, CodePlex, Windows Azure Platform Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 9/24/2012
What Mobile Services Mean to the Web Developer Windows Azure, Azure, Mobile Brady Gaster, Syntax 9/17/2012
Windows Azure Web Sites Internals with Nir Mashkowski Windows Azure, Azure Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 9/10/2012
David Pallmann Demonstrates azureQuery JavaScript, Windows Azure, Azure Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 9/4/2012
Windows Azure SDK for PHP with Anton Babadjanov developer center, Windows Azure, Azure, PHP Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 8/27/2012
Scott Hunter Introduces New ASP.NET Features Cory Fowler, Brady Gaster 8/20/2012
Cory Fowler Interviews Doug Mahugh about the Windows Azure Storage for WordPress Plugin Wordpress, Azure, PHP, Open Source, Windows Azure Cory Fowler 8/14/2012
Cory Fowler Joins Webcamps TV and Introduces the Node. js CLI Tools Windows Azure, Azure Brady Gaster 7/30/2012
Sebastien Ros Introduces Orchard 1.5 Windows Azure, ASP.NET, Orchard, Azure Brady Gaster 7/23/2012
Deploying AppFog Applications to Windows Azure Azure, Windows Azure Brady Gaster 7/11/2012
How to Use the Web Platform Installer Command Line Tool with Chris Sfanos WebMatrix Brady Gaster 6/15/2012
Extending WebMatrix 2 with Walter Oliver WebMatrix Brady Gaster 6/15/2012
Coding Node.js in WebMatrix 2 WebMatrix, Windows Azure, Azure Brady Gaster 6/14/2012
WebcampsTV - Justin and Vishal Build an Image-sharing Site with Windows Azure Web Sites ASP.NET, WebMatrix, SignalR Brady Gaster 6/13/2012
Faith Allington Does WordPress in WebMatrix and Deploys into Windows Azure Web Sites Windows Azure, Azure, PHP Brady Gaster 6/12/2012
Coding PHP in WebMatrix 2 with Thao Doan WebMatrix, Windows Azure, Azure, PHP Brady Gaster 6/12/2012
Vishal Kicks off the Week of WebMatrix 2 ASP.NET, WebMatrix, Windows Azure, Azure, PHP Brady Gaster 6/11/2012
Dan Roth Takes Us on a Deep Dive into Web API ASP.NET MVC Brady Gaster 6/11/2012
Rowan Miller Demonstrates Entity Framework 5 Using ASP.NET MVC 4 Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC Brady Gaster 6/4/2012
Howard Dierking Shows You How to Optimize Your ASP.NET Sites ASP.NET Brady Gaster 5/28/2012
Mads Kristensen Takes the Pain Out of CSS ASP.NET, CSS Brady Gaster 4/23/2012
Jon Galloway Helps Introduce Web Camps 2012 ASP.NET, WebCamp, Web Camps, IE9 Brady Gaster 4/16/2012
Dirt Simple Web and Database Deployment in Visual Studio 11 Brady Gaster 4/6/2012
ASP.NET Open Sourcing Discussion with Scott Hanselman ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Brady Gaster 4/3/2012
Web Developer Efficiency Tools in Visual Studio 11 CSS, HTML, ASP.NET, Visual Studio Brady Gaster 3/12/2012
Scott Hunter Talks Visual Studio 11 and ASP.NET MVC 4 ASP.NET, ASP.NET 4, ASP.NET MVC Brady Gaster 3/5/2012
Damian Edwards and David Fowler Demonstrate SignalR ASP.NET, SignalR Brady Gaster 2/27/2012
Dan Roth on the new ASP.NET Web API ASP.NET, API Brady Gaster 2/22/2012
Web Camps TV #12 - Vishal Joshi Talks about WebMatrix v2 Umbraco, WebMatrix, _techmeme Drew Robbins, Brady Gaster 1/25/2012
Web Camps TV #11 – MVC Turbine with Javier Lozano Drew Robbins 5/4/2011
CodeMash 2011 - WebMatrix Launch Keynote WebMatrix, CodeMash 2011 James Senior, Nic Fillingham 2/22/2011
CodeMash 2011: What's new with Umbraco? Umbraco, WebMatrix, CodeMash 2011 James Senior, Nic Fillingham 1/14/2011
CodeMash 2011: DotNetNuke with Shaun Walker DotNetNuke, WebMatrix, CodeMash 2011 James Senior, Nic Fillingham 1/14/2011
CodeMash 2011: What's new with Joomla? joomla, WebMatrix, CodeMash 2011 James Senior, Nic Fillingham 1/14/2011
CodeMash 2011: PayPal - What's new in eCommerce with Rasesh Shah CodeMash 2011, paypal, WebMatrix James Senior, Nic Fillingham 1/14/2011
CodeMash 2011: Drupal with Jim Taylor CodeMash 2011, Drupal, WebMatrix James Senior, Nic Fillingham 1/14/2011
CodeMash 2011: DotNetNuke, Joomla and Umbraco Discussion Panel CodeMash 2011, joomla, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, WebMatrix James Senior, Nic Fillingham 1/14/2011
Web Camps TV #10 - Update from Web Camp India Web Camps, ASP.NET MVC 3, Razor, Entity Framework, MS Web Platform, ASP.NET James Senior 12/1/2010
Web Camps TV #10 - WebMatrix Beta 2: Themes, Package Manager, NuPack, HTML 5 templates and more WebMatrix, HTML 5, HTML5, Razor James Senior 10/20/2010
Web Camps TV #9 - Script Junkie, jQuery, jQuery Mobile and "the dance" JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Windows Phone 7 James Senior 10/13/2010
Web Camps TV #7 - WebMatrix Beta 2 Launches Today! ASP.NET, WebMatrix, Razor James Senior 10/6/2010
Web Camps TV #8 - NuPack with Phil Haack ASP.NET James Senior 10/6/2010
Web Camps TV #6 - Microsoft Commits Code to jQuery! ASP.NET, Web Camps, jQuery James Senior 10/4/2010
Web Camps TV #5 - Building your own WebMatrix Helpers ASP.NET, WebMatrix, Helpers Erik Porter, James Senior 9/30/2010
Web Camps TV #4 - IE9 Beta Special - Behind the Scenes of the Demo App HTML 5, HTML5, IE9 James Senior 9/15/2010
Web Camps TV #3 - WebMatrix Helpers with Jim Wang ASP.NET, Web Camps, WebMatrix, Helpers James Senior 9/8/2010
Web Camps TV #2 - OData Overview with Jonathan Carter Odata, ASP.NET, Web Camps James Senior 9/1/2010
Web Camps TV #1 - ASP.NET MVC 3 Preview 1 and Razor Tips with Phil Haack MVC, Razor, ASP.NET, Web Camps James Senior 8/25/2010