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GoingNative 53: Learning STL Multithreading Libraries, Stephan T Lavavej, C++, STL Augustin Popa, BryanDiLaura, Steve Carroll (msft) 11/9/2016
Talks and Highlights From cppcon 2016! C++ Augustin Popa, BryanDiLaura, Steve Carroll (msft) 10/11/2016
Bjarne Stroustrup Interview at cppcon 2016 Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ Augustin Popa, BryanDiLaura, Steve Carroll (msft) 10/11/2016
GoingNative 52: ISO C++ @Oulu Debriefing C++ Augustin Popa, Steve Carroll (msft) 7/22/2016
GoingNative 51: Updates with the Visual C++ Linux Extension C++, Linux, Visual C++, Visual Studio 2015 Augustin Popa, Steve Carroll (msft) 7/15/2016
GoingNative 50: New Visual C++ Code Optimizer compiler, Visual C++, C++, Visual Studio 2015 Eric [MSFT], Augustin Popa, Steve Carroll (msft) 6/10/2016
GoingNative 49: Awesome Tools in Update 2 and VS "15" Preview build tools, acquisition, Android, Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio Code, C++, Linux, iOS, IoT Gabriel Ha 4/1/2016
GoingNative 48: ISOC++ @Jacksonville Debriefing Standard C++, C++ Gabriel Ha 3/29/2016
GoingNative 47: MSVC++ is* C++17 standard library feature complete! Standard C++, Libraries, Stephan T Lavavej, Visual Studio 2015, C++, STL Gabriel Ha 2/29/2016
GoingNative 46: [Why you should be trying out] C++ Modules modularity, C++ Gabriel Ha 1/30/2016
GoingNative 45: Incredi-builds with IncrediBuild -- free in Visual Studio 2015! Visual Studio 2015, C++, build tools, Performance Gabriel Ha 12/23/2015
GoingNative 44: ISOC++ @Kona Debriefing Standard C++, Stephan T Lavavej, Visual Studio 2015, C++, STL, C++11, C++14 Gabriel Ha 12/1/2015
VC++ Bytes 3-1: New, Improved, Faster Database Engine in VS 2015 Update 1 C++, Database, Performance, Visual Studio 2015 Gabriel Ha 11/11/2015
GoingNative 43: Talks and Tips from the Experts at CppCon 2015! developer conference, C++ Gabriel Ha 10/30/2015
Going Native 42: Bjarne Stroustrup interview at cppcon C++, Bjarne Stroustrup Marian Luparu 9/25/2015
Going Native 41: OpenGLES on Windows with ANGLE DirectX, Graphics, Windows, C++ Marian Luparu 8/26/2015
GoingNative 40: Updated STL in VS 2015 (feat. STL) C++, STL, C++11, C++14, Libraries, Stephan T Lavavej Gabriel Ha 7/31/2015
GoingNative 39: await/coroutines Async CTP, Asynchronous Agents, C++, Async Gabriel Ha 6/30/2015
GoingNative 38: The future of C++[17] - Updates from Lenexa C++ Gabriel Ha 5/31/2015
GoingNative 37: Single-File IntelliSense (+ go watch //build + download VS15 RC!) Developer Tools, Visual Studio 2015, C++, Developers Conference Gabriel Ha 4/29/2015
GoingNative 36++: CPMD Demo Game Development, Visual Studio 2015, C++ Gabriel Ha 4/10/2015
GoingNative 36: Cross-Platform Mobile Development in VS2015 C++, Game Development, Visual Studio 2015 Gabriel Ha 3/31/2015
GoingNative 35: Fast Tips for Faster Builds! build tools, Productivity, Developer Resources, C++, Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2015, Debugging, compiler Gabriel Ha 3/3/2015
GoingNative 34: Seattle C++Hawks and the Superbowl! (Round 2) C++, Super Bowl Gabriel Ha 1/30/2015
GoingNative 33: C++ Refactoring in Visual Studio 2015 Refactoring, C++, Visual Studio 2015 Gabriel Ha 12/22/2014
GoingNative 32: Sneak Preview of C++17 Herb Sutter, Standard C++, What's New, C++, C++14 Gabriel Ha 12/2/2014
GoingNative 31: Easy Parallelization with Parallel STL Standard C++, C++, STL, parallel library, parallelization, CodePlex, Libraries Gabriel Ha 10/31/2014
GoingNative 30: Analyze GPU Performance with the GPU Usage Tool Performance, C++, parallelization, Debugging, Graphics Gabriel Ha 9/4/2014
GoingNative 29: Massive Improvements for Browsing in Large Codebases! Visual Studio, C++, CTP, update Gabriel Ha 9/3/2014
GoingNative 28: The VS Debugger: How It Works + Tips and Tricks Debugging, How do i, Visual Studio Debugger, Tips tricks, C++, How To Gabriel Ha 7/30/2014
VC++ Bytes 2-3: Additional Coding Productivity Features in VS"14" CTP 2 Visual C++, coding tools, Productivity, Refactoring, Visual Studio, C++, files Gabriel Ha 7/18/2014
GoingNative 27: Improvements to Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics C++, Debugging, Graphics, Diagnostics, Visual Studio, Developer Tools, Vector Graphics Gabriel Ha 7/2/2014
VC++ Bytes 2-2: New Front-End Compiler Features with Karl Niu C++, CTP, NEXT, C++11, Visual Studio Gabriel Ha 6/27/2014
VC++ Bytes 2-1: Create Declaration/Definition with Oleg Kharitonov C++, CTP, Header, Refactoring, Visual C++ Gabriel Ha 6/18/2014
GoingNative 26: The final* Episode C++, C++11, Dynamic, Virtual, compiler Gabriel Ha 5/31/2014
GoingNative 25: Visual Studio Graphics Frame Analysis C++, Native, Developer Tools, Native Development, Visual Studio 2013, Analysis Tools, Diagnostics, Compression, analysis, Graphics, Offline, profiler, Shaders, Quality, Rendering Gabriel Ha 4/29/2014
GoingNative 24: Microsoft Azure Storage Native Client Library: Tables and Queues Azure, C++, Cloud, NuGet, Azure Storage Gabriel Ha 4/8/2014
GoingNative 23: Introducing Shared Mutex in C++14 C++, C++14 Gabriel Ha 2/27/2014
GoingNative 22: Superbowl! Super Bowl, C++ Gabriel Ha 1/31/2014
VC++ Bytes 1-6: Jim Griesmer - Native Diagnostics and Graphics Tooling Debugging, Graphics, Diagnostics, Native Gabriel Ha 12/31/2013
GoingNative 21: Visual C++ Front-End Compiler compiler, Visual C++ Gabriel Ha 12/30/2013
VC++ Bytes 1-5: Ibrahim Damlaj - C99 Support and more Libraries, Support, compiler Gabriel Ha 12/16/2013
VC++ Bytes 1-4: James McNellis - Improvements to the IDE and more Visual C++, STL Gabriel Ha 11/25/2013
VC++ Bytes 1-1: Oleg Kharitonov - Brace Completion and Formatting Visual C++, C++ Gabriel Ha 11/25/2013
VC++ Bytes 1-2: Ankit Asthana - MMA*, PGO and more Compilers, Visual C++, C++ Gabriel Ha 11/25/2013
VC++ Bytes 1-3: Raman Sharma - Just My Code Visual C++, C++ Gabriel Ha 11/25/2013
VC++ Bytes 1-0: Season One Introduction (formerly Favorite Things in Visual Studio 2013) Introductory Gabriel Ha 11/25/2013
VC++ Bytes 1-SP: C++ MVP David Cravey - Variadic Templates and more C++, MVP Gabriel Ha 11/22/2013
GoingNative 20: "Rename" Refactoring for Visual C++ (??!!) Refactoring, C++, Native Gabriel Ha 11/19/2013
GoingNative 19: PdbProject - IntelliSense for Your C++ Executable Visual C++, Programming, C++, Native Development alecont, Charles 10/29/2013
GoingNative 18: Inside Vector Calling Convention (VCC) Compilers, Visual C++, C++, Native, Programming Charles 8/30/2013
GoingNative 17: Meet James McNellis, Register for GoingNative 2013 Visual C++, C++, Native, Programming, Native Development Charles 7/29/2013
GoingNative 16: Garrett Serack - Inside NuGet for C++ C++, NuGet, Visual C++, Programming, Visual Studio Charles 5/22/2013
GoingNative 15: VC++ turns 20, Ale turns 40, C9 turns 9 Channel 9, History, Visual C++, C++, Ale Contenti, Rico Mariani Charles 3/21/2013
GoingNative 14: Image Processing, Image Watch, Exceptions Debugging, C++, C++11, Microsoft Research, Native Development, Visual Studio 2012, Image Processing Charles 3/5/2013
GoingNative 13: Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit, Meet Roberto Sonnino DirectX, Graphics, Windows 8, C++, C++11, Programming, Windows Phone 8, Windows Store App Charles 1/24/2013
GoingNative 12: C++ at Build 2012, Inside Profile Guided Optimization Compilers, Visual C++, C++, Build, C++11 Charles 11/28/2012
GoingNative 11: Inside Fresh Paint - A C++ + XAML + DirectX Windows Store App C++, XAML, C++11, DirectX 11, Windows 8, _techmeme, Native Development, Windows Store App, UX Charles 9/26/2012
GoingNative 10: Welcome Ale Contenti, VC11 and Beyond with Steve Teixeira and Tarek Madkour Visual Studio 2012, Visual C++, _techmeme, Ale Contenti, Steve Teixeira, C++, Native, C++11 Charles 8/25/2012
GoingNative 9: LINQ for C/C++, Native Rx, Meet Aaron Lahman _techmeme, C++, LINQ, C++11, Reactive Extensions Charles 6/4/2012
GoingNative 8: Introducing Casablanca - A Modern C++ API for Connected Computing DevLabs, _techmeme, C++, Cloud, C++11, Parallel Patterns Library Charles 4/30/2012
GoingNative 7: VC11 Auto-Vectorizer, C++ NOW, Lang.NEXT Compilers, _techmeme, C++, C++11 Charles 3/27/2012
GoingNative 6: Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu - D Programming Language _techmeme, GoingNative 2012, Walter Bright, Andrei Alexandrescu, C++, Native, C++11, D Charles 2/21/2012
GoingNative 5: Inside the Visual C++ IDE, Meet Raul PĂ©rez Software Testing, Visual C++ 2010, Software, _techmeme, Programming, Visual Studio, C++ Charles 12/28/2011
GoingNative 4: Jim Springfield on ATL, GoingNative Conference - Register Today! _techmeme, ATL, C++, COM, C++11, GoingNative 2012 Charles 11/23/2011
GoingNative 3: The C++/CX Episode with Marian Luparu C++, C++11, C++/CX, Windows 8 Charles 10/26/2011
GoingNative Live at BUILD: Ale Contenti, Boris Jabes and Tony Goodhew DirectX 11, C++, Build, C++11 Charles 10/4/2011
GoingNative 2: C++ at BUILD, Windows Runtime Library(WRL), Meet Tarek and Sridhar Windows 8, C++, COM, C++11 Charles 9/29/2011
GoingNative Live at BUILD: Herb Sutter, Joanna Mason, Tony Goodhew BuildWindows2011, Channel 9 Live, Herb Sutter, C++, C++11 Charles 9/29/2011
GoingNative 1: VC++ vNext, CRT, C++ and Beyond C++, C++11, Visual C++, D Charles 8/25/2011
GoingNative 0: Help us fly this plane, Some modern C++, Meet Ale Contenti Programming, Programming Languages, C++, C++0x, Native, C++11, Visual C++ 2010, Native Development Charles 7/27/2011